WonderCon 2015: ‘American Odyssey’ Pilot Review

Do we need another movie or TV show with “American” in the title? There’s American Hustle, The Americans, American Horror Story, American Sniper, American Crime, (the please let it be renamed) American Crime Story AND now comes NBC’s American Odyssey, a show apparently conceived as a modern-day Homer’s Odyssey. At first, American Odyssey is a jumbled confusing mess, as senseless as the war in Mali, where Odelle Ballard (Pushing Daisies‘) and […]

WonderCon 2015: ‘Orphan Black’ Panel Hints at What’s to Come Season 3

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR SEASONS 2 AND 3 OF ORPHAN BLACK Unless you’re a Flash junkie or taking San Andreas way too seriously, BBC’s Orphan Black was probably the bolded, highlighted, most highly anticipated panel of WonderCon. Or at least it was for me, as it belongs aside Game of Thrones, Hannibal and Mad Men on the Mount Rushmore of TV right now. And the panel […]