“Only God Forgives” and “Ride Along” Trailers

These are two very different types of movies. But after watching their trailers, I’m interested in watching both.

Only God Forgives (2013)

Julian (Ryan Gosling), a respected figure in the criminal underworld of Bangkok, runs a Thai boxing club and smuggling ring with his brother Billy. Billy is suddenly murdered and their crime lord matriarch, Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas) arrives from London to bring back the body. When Jenna forces Julian to settle the score with his brother’s killers, Julian finds himself in the ultimate showdown.

Only God Forgives, starring Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas, opened to mixed-to-negative reviews at Cannes earlier this year. But I have to say, this atmospheric, neon-colored trailer makes the film look pretty riveting. And the music reminds me of the soundtrack to Drive, which I love (the soundtrack – not so much the movie itself). This film is also similar to Drive in that they both share the same director – Nicolas Winding Refn – and leading actor – Ryan Gosling.

Oh yeah, and Gosling looks fine as all hell.

In a review for The Atlantic, Jon Frosch writes:

[Refn’s] new film is every bit as aesthetically ravishing (immaculately composed images bathed in deep blues and reds, tracking shots so slow and smooth you can barely tell the camera is moving, a hypnotic electro soundtrack by Cliff Martinez) and just as empty. A revenge story (like so many at Cannes this year) in which the mother and son played by Thomas and Gosling plot against the men who killed their son/brother, “Only God Forgives” succeeds to some extent as a pure stylistic exercise, with a few fine Lynchian moments blurring reality with erotic and violent fantasies, as well as some amusing Freudian undertones.

Only God Forgives will have a limited release in the U.S. on July 19, 2013.

Ride Along (2014)

When a fast-talking guy (Kevin Hart) joins his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube) —a hot-tempered cop—to patrol the streets of Atlanta, he gets entangled in the officer’s latest case. Now, in order to prove that he deserves his future bride, he must survive the most insane 24 hours of his life.

I’ve enjoyed a few episode from Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart’s satirical comedy series on BET, but Hart’s stand-up routine isn’t really my cup of tea. I couldn’t really enjoy Think Like A Man, either – another one of Hart’s projects – more-so because I despise the Steve Harvey self-help book that the film is based on. (What’s up with all these self-help books turning into feature films, anyway?)

To my surprise, I found myself immensely enjoying this teaser trailer for Kevin Hart’s new film, Ride Along. It co-stars Ice Cube as Hart’s potential brother-in-law in the movie and the teaser trailer shows that their dynamic will be played up for laughs. On the heels of The Heat, with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, Ride Along loosely falls under the category of a buddy cop movie.

Ride Along premieres January 17, 2014, but there are already talks of a sequel!