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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “AKA 1,000 Cuts”

jessica jones aka 1000 cuts

Kilgrave escapes with Hogarth and demands that she take him to a doctor she trusts – she chooses her estranged wife, Wendy.

Knowing the lengths that Hogarth is willing to go to in order to get a divorce, Kilgrave is very amused by Hogarth’s choice. While Wendy stitches him up, Kilgrave asks her about her feelings about her relationship with Hogarth (“death by a thousand cuts” she says at one point). Then, when Kilgrave snaps at Hogarth “tell me something I don’t know” his mind control over her compels her to tell him about Hope’s abortion and that the fetus was sent to a lab in order to see if Kilgrave’s powers are duplicable.

Before Kilgrave leaves to track down his father and the lab Hogarth uses, he gives Wendy a knife and tells her “a thousand cuts.” Wendy attacks Hogarth with the knife.

Meanwhile, the complete failure to keep Kilgrave contained had a silver lining. There is now enough videographic evidence that Det. Clemons is willing to bring in the authorities. He stays at the holding cell to call in back up and crime scene technicians while Jessica goes after Hogarth and Trish leaves with Kilgrave’s father, Donald. Donald thinks he might be able to create a vaccine that will temporarily neutralize Kilgrave’s powers.

Clemons is alone when Simpson shows up. Simpson gets Clemons to lower his guard, citing his credentials as a fellow police officer and his relationship with Trish. Simpson learns where Trish is, and that she’s with Kilgrave’s father. Certain that law enforcement won’t be able to handle Kilgrave and killing him is the only option, Simpson shoots Clemons and then sets the room on fire.

Wendy is chasing Hogarth across her house, slashing at her. Pam, who was worried about Hogarth and tracked her down , heard yelling and breaks into the house. She hits Wendy across the head with an blunt object and sends her sprawling, slamming her head into a coffee table and dying.

When Pam first showed up on the show as the stereotypical other woman, always dressed in low-cut, brightly colored clothing, I was certain that she was not going to make it out of this series alive.

I certainly did not expect Pam to be the reason Hogarth is alive… or for Pam to realize what kind of person Hogarth truly is. Pam figures how how Kilgrave even knew about Wendy and that Hogarth was intending to use Kilgrave to get the divorce terms she wanted. Pam has the same eye-opening realization regarding Hogarth’s true character that Wendy did and wants nothing more to do with her, refusing to let Hogarth be her counsel.

Jessica shows up moments after Wendy is killed. After a brief conversation she leaves Hogarth and Pam to call the police and goes to check on Donald’s progress.

Jessica returns to her office, where Kilgrave is waiting for her. He has visited the DA and gotten the wheels in motion to release Hope – she will go free with no charges – and he wants Jessica to give him his father in exchange.

During this conversation he insists that Jessica wanted to be with him. During the time they were “together” there was one particular afternoon where Jessica had 18 seconds in which she wasn’t under Kilgrave’s control. Jessica remembers those 18 seconds – she was on a rooftop patio and she climbed up onto the balcony railing and dreamed of jumping down and finding a white horse there to carry her away. She remembers that before she could leap to freedom, Kilgrave call her back inside, and almost had her cut off her ear as punishment for not listening to him.

Back in her office, this walk down memory lane ends with Jessica knocking Kilgrave out.

Meanwhile, Robyn, Jessica’s neighbor who’s brother was killed by Kilgrave and left in Jessica’s bed, crashes the Kilgrave Survivors Support Group. She gets them all riled up by talking about how Jessica knows more about Kilgrave than she’s sharing (which is true).

This group shows up at Jessica’s apartment and before Jessica can stop her, Robyn “rescues” Kilgrave – and Jessica is knocked out.

This gives Kilgrave the chance to manipulate things to his liking – he picks up Hope when she is released from jail and tells Jessica to meet him at a specific restaurant, with his father.

When they walk in (after Donald squirts himself with the vaccine), the members of the Kilgrave Survivors Group are standing on the bar, with nooses around their necks, while Kilgrave sits at a table with Hope.

The vaccine doesn’t work and Kilgrave has Donald walk right over to him. Kilgrave monologues about how Jessica thinks that if she saves Hope, it will mean that deep down inside she really is a hero.

Hope just wants Kilgrave dead, and since she can’t kill him herself, she breaks a water glass and stabs herself in the throat.

Kilgrave tells the people on the bar to walk forward and they do. Jessica leaps up to the ceiling and rips down the beam they’re hanging from and then rushes to Hope’s side while Kilgrave escapes.

While Jessica applies pressure to Hope’s throat, Hope begs her to kill Kilgrave with her dying breath.