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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “AKA Sin Bin”

jessica jones aka sin bin

Jessica Jones, like many Netflix properties, is designed to be watched as a 13 hour movie, which sometimes makes it a challenge to talk about episodes individually. However, “Sin Bin” is by far my least favorite episode of the season. This episode spends a large amount of time on the male characters and I like my Jessica Jones episodes firmly focused on the ladies.

A large chunk of this episode is spent unfurling Kilgrave’s backstory, and for a time it’s looking like the narrative is going to give him slivers of sympathy. While that is happening, Trish is taking Simpson to the hospital after the bomb from last episode exploded. At the hospital he insists on only seeing a certain doctor – who gets him up on his feet and sends him out the door with a regime of red, white, and then blue pills. (This is a reference to Simpson’s comic origins as a Daredevil villain who gained his powers from the same weapons program that created Captain America.)

Jessica has locked Kilgrave up in the hermetically sealed room Simpson set up. No one outside the room can hear him unless they use the intercom. The room is bare metal with six inches of water on the floor; if Kilgrave misbehaves, whoever is outside can give him a shock.

Jessica wants Kilgrave to give her a confession that she can use for Hope’s case. Knowing that, Kigrave refuses to give her anything she can use. Instead, he’s playing the victim and attempting to get Hogarth to let him out, with the implied promise to solve her martial problems.

Detective Clemons refuses to have anything to do with Jessica, even though he knows Kilgrave is dangerous. Hogarth knows that Jessica isn’t helping Hope’s case (more importantly to her, Jessica isn’t helping Hogarth’s divorce case). Trish is beginning to think that Simpson was right and Kilgrave just needs killing.

For a time, it’s looking like Kilgrave was the result of cruel medical experimentation – until Jessica tracks down his parents and learns that the experimentation they did on their son was to attempt to cure a degenerative neural condition. After learning of the side effects they lived in terror of their own son until they finally ran away from him.

At the end of the episode, Jessica gets all the above mentioned characters (Hogarth, Trish, and Detective Clemons) to witness her sending Kilgrave’s parents into the room with him. That finally gets the reaction she’s been waiting for.

During their reunion, Kilgrave’s mother tries to kill her son with a pair of scissors- she knows he’s a monster that she believes is her responsibility to fix.

Kilgrave orders his mother to stab herself – and when Jessica hits the switch to electrocute everyone, the wire shorts.

Things pretty much immediately go out of control. Kilgrave’s mother is dead, Jessica has to knock his father unconscious to prevent him from killing himself under Kilgrave’s mind control as well. Trish tries to shoot Kilgrave but only wounds him. He orders her to put a bullet in her head but the gun is already empty.

Jessica lays hands on Kilgrave – and when he orders her to stop, she doesn’t. Kilgrave ends up ordering Clemons to stop Jessica to give him time to escape.

The last shot of the episode is Jessica smiling, blood on her face, having realized that Kilgrave can never order her to do something against her will again.