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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: “Reflections of the Way Liv Used To Be”

izombie reflections of the way liv used to be

This episode is almost all momentum. It’s so packed full of plot that the credits were cut to give the show an extra minute of running time (there is only a title card this episode).

Liv eats the brains of a driven young college student – someone very close to Liv’s original personality. This allows the show to step back a bit from its case of the week format. The college student was killed because she was a police plant, asked to buy drugs by the cops so that they could bust other dealers. The take-away from that portion of the episode is that Drake’s handler in vice – Detective Benedetto is untrustworthy. He’s been running unauthorized confidential informants at a local college and during the investigation of the murder, he tries to get Liv to keep information from Clive.

The main thrust of the episode is what’s happening with Major.

Major is a zombie again, and in the opening to this episode he summarizes what he’s been doing for the past several months to Ravi. That he’s been taking care of zombies because Vaughn threatened Liv’s life and that he’s been freezing them to wait until Ravi finds a cure. He’s kept this from Liv because he thinks she’ll do something fool-hardy with that information. When Liv shows up fresh from threatening Mr. Boss’s goons to try and find Drake, Ravi sees Major’s point.

Meanwhile, Blaine is still without his memories. His underlings have taken over his business and this blank-slate version of Blaine is confronted by the fact that he “really seems to inspire a negative reaction in people.”

Ravi’s response: “It’s the things you’ve said. And the things you’ve done.” In a cut-away scene, Ravi brings Blaine up to speed on his nefarious deeds and their reaction when the camera returns is priceless.

Blaine is, to all tests, still human.

Major isn’t willing to take the cure if he loses all his memories.

Major gets the idea to test whether or not the amnesia is a true consequence of taking the new cure. He is going to scratch Vaughn, the CEO of Max Rager, and then give him the cure. If Vaughn doesn’t lose his memory, the cure’s safe for Major, and if he does, everyone is left dealing with a much less dangerous Vaughn.

Given that Vaughn is planning on killing Major and Liv, Ravi gets over his ethical hurdles about this course of action fast.

Just before Major goes to meet up with Vaughn for their training session, Vaughn’s security officer informs him that Major has been keeping a storage facility. Vaughn says he needs to show Major something in “Tacoma” a.k.a. the basement where he’s keeping zombies – including his daughter, Rita. The atmosphere is such that one wonders if Vaughn saying that is a ploy to corner Major re: his storage facility.

When Major leaves the office, saying he’s going to put his things in the car (possibly a feint to flee the situation), he’s arrested by FBI agent Bozzio.

The dog groomer who worked with Minor had recognized the dog from the paper – and she identified to Bozzio that Major was the person who picked the dog up in a rush on the day that Minor was later found on a bus.

As Major’s arrested, his eyes go red – just like the last episode, this one ends with Major about to go full-on zombie.

The VIP of the episode is Ravi, whose scenes are outstanding. He is the person tasked with telling Blaine all of his bad deeds and when he’s thrown on the spot to explain why Blaine is getting examined in the morgue. “I think I’m the only doctor [Blaine] remembers,” Ravi seamlessly dissembles to Clive.