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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 16 Recap: “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”

izombie pour some sugar on me

This week, a stripper named Cassidy catches her boyfriend cheating on her. She’s all set to inform on him to Peyton (who’s a district attorney) in revenge when someone drives by and a person leans out the passenger side to hit her with a tire iron.

It’s looking like the case is going to be a slam-dunk (the boyfriend killed her) and Liv is looking forward to eating the brain of a nice hiking enthusiast not a stripper. However, Cassidy had information that Peyton needs for her Mr. Boss case. Considering that Peyton’s star witness, Blaine, took Ravi’s experimental zombie cure and, though human again, has no long term memory, she is looking for a little help from her friend.

Liv is willing to eat Cassidy’s brain if it helps her BFF.

After some hilarious scenes at a strip club with Liv channeling Cassidy’s belligerence and stripper skills, Liv’s visions kick in.

First, it turns out that Cassidy was not killed by her boyfriend, but by another stripper who was protecting her boyfriend – whose criminal activities would have come to light if Cassidy had talked to law enforcement.

Second, Liv has a vision which leads the police to a major stash house of Mr. Boss’s.

With Mr. Boss’ empire threatened, and Blaine suffering from amnesia, Blaine’s two underlings Don E and Chief decide to get into the Utopium trade for themselves. Don E has Chief scratch him, so he’ll be a zombie as well, and much less easy to kill.

Finally, we get to the most exciting subplot of the episode. Ravi figures out that Major has been killing zombies. Ravi recognized the dog Minor in a newspaper article about the murders, was shown a photo of Major with Blaine, and then discovered the safe in Major’s room where he has been keeping his supplies -including a log book where he tracked the zombies’ daily habits. During the confrontation, emotions are running high, and Major transitions back into a zombie – Ravi shoots him with the tranquilizer he found in Major’s safe. I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out next episode.