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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 15 Recap: “He Blinded Me With Science”

izombie he blinded me with science

While Liv explains what went down with Gilda/Rita for Ravi and the folks at home, Ravi is examining the corpse of a woman who was killed when someone threw lighter fluid on her face and set her on fire.

Dr. Eleanor Cash was a currently unemployed scientist who was fired after an acne medication she was developing caused vicious facial scarring on one of the participants of the testing, Annie.

When they interview Anne, as a suspect, they find that her face is flawless – she credits plastic surgery. While she admits to hating Dr. Cash, especially when this first happened and during the trail (Annie sued and got a settlement), with her face fixed, she doesn’t have a strong motive.

Based on a vision from Liv, she and Clive learn that Dr. Cash was working at Max Rager under a fake name. Vaughn blocks their attempts to learn what Dr. Cash was working on. Liv tries to sneak in under the guise of the job interview (Rose McIver gets to forego her wig and regular make up). She succeeds in finding out about the secret basement, but does not gain access before she is discovered.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…I mean morgue, Blaine shows up, still dirty and naked from his near death. He needs some brains, stat. He gets brains and more bad news – the curse is temporary and once a zombie reverts back, they die soon after. Ravi works up an ‘in case of emergency’ cure that he tells Blaine to use only if his condition declines.

Back to the murder: this is another case that is solved mostly by Clive’s police work. He tracks down the accelerant used on the victim, which is only sold in Canada, which leads him to Annie’s (previously unknown) twin sister. Annie’s sister, Jennie, killed Dr. Cash for ruining both Annie’s life, and Jennie’s.

Good police work has also provided new evidence on the Meat Cutie murders (aka Blaine finally getting charged with SOMETHING). Clive and Dale discover that Blaine’s father has a cabin up in Whistler – and there were human brains in the fridge. They also learn that the brains they tested earlier, from Chief Suzuki’s freezer, were human as well – and someone falsified the report to say they were bovine brains.

Blaine is laying low to keep Mr. Boss thinking he’s dead. Liv, suspicious of Drake, slipped a burner phone into his car and has been tracking him, which is how she learns that he’s working for Mr. Boss (she doesn’t know he’s actually undercover).

Before she can confront him, Major kidnaps Drake, intending to freeze another zombie. Blaine had earmarked Drake for this believing Drake to be the one who outed him to Mr. Boss.

Finally, in the basement of Max Rager, Vaughn is his usual dick self and causes an accident with one of the shambling zombies they’ve been experimenting on. One of the scientists is killed and Gilda is mauled – because her father didn’t hold the elevator door for her. The last we see of Gilda this episode is her bloody and clawed up, banging on the glass doors of Vaughn’s office to be let in.

This is a downer episode in pretty much every direction. There is no satisfaction in seeing the murderer caught. Gilda (despite being an antagonist) didn’t deserve to get clawed up by a zombie. Blaine and Major are on borrowed time. Liv is going to assume the worst about Drake. (And likely will not have a chance to find out what happened to him until, I predict, Major’s zombie-freezing-exploits are revealed at the end of the season). Pretty much every ongoing plot had some kind of significant forward movement and it will be very interesting to see how it shakes out –especially Gilda becoming a zombie. Is Vaughn going to make an exception for her, or will she join Team Liv to survive?