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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”

jessica jones aka top shelf perverts

Reeling from her last conversation with Luke, Jessica gets so drunk she’s thrown out of a dive bar and directly into a pile of garbage bags.

She’s waiting for Hogarth’s estranged wife to finish her shift, and once she sees Wendy exit her clinic, she follows her down to the subway. Jessica is severely intoxicated and accidentally drops Wendy onto the tracks right in from of an oncoming train. Jessica jumps down and throws Wendy back on the platform. There is a moment, Jessica staring at the train, where the audience can see Jessica consider just letting the train hit her.

Wendy is frightened but her fear only makes her more determined to make Hogarth pay for leaving her.

Jessica manages to get back to her apartment building. Malcolm finds her in the elevator the next morning and helps her into her apartment. They find that Kilgrave has been there. Kilgrave had one of Jessica’s neighbors, a young man with a crush on her, kill himself in Jessica’s bed.

This episode is Jessica at her lowest. She feels horribly guilty for things she did under Kilgrave’s control and ashamed for things she did afterward. She feels like all she does is get the people around her hurt or killed.

She decides to get herself locked up in “Supermax” the maximum security facility which houses serial killers and the like. Her theory is that Kilgrave will be forced to use his powers on camera when he comes for her.

Jessica goes around the city tying up lose ends. She leaves a message for Luke, letting him know that she’s dealing with Kilgrave. She warns Trish’s mother to stay away from Trish (we get further hints of the abuse Trish suffered from her mother, and also learn that Jessica was adopted by that family for good publicity). Finally, Jessica goes to the top of a bridge, to say goodbye to New York.

Jessica’s friends aren’t willing to let her sacrifice herself. Trish and Malcolm dispose of the body of her neighbor, dumping it in the river. Jessica refuses to accept their help. She jumps in the river, rips off the head of her neighbor, and brings it to the police station. Even the police detective, Det. Clemons, who interviews her doesn’t believe that Jessica is as awful as she’s insisting she is. As someone who’s been rooting for Jessica from the pilot, it’s so satisfying to watch characters around Jessica refute Jessica’s belief that she’s a bad person.

In the end, despite demonstrating her strength, Jessica is released without charges because Kilgrave has shown up, and put the entire precinct under his power. Everyone is holding guns on each other.

Jessica asks Kilgrave why he’s been ruining her life, torturing her.

“I’m not torturing you, why would I? I love you.”

In Kilgrave’s mind, he and Jessica are an epic romance, perfect matches for each other.

He wants Jessica to choose to be with him.

“You are the first thing – excuse me, person,” he says, “I ever wanted that walked away from me.

Kilgrave has one of the officers erase all computer evidence of Jessica and himself being in the precinct that evening, and tells the people around them that, in thirty seconds, they will all realize this is a hilarious joke and let Jessica leave.

When Jessica returns to her apartment, she finds her old childhood diary. She was forced to leave it behind when Trish’s mother adopted her, and wouldn’t give her time to look for it before they drove away from her childhood home after the death of her family.

Jessica returns to her childhood home, where she finds Kilgrave waiting for her.