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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: “AKA You’re A Winner!”

jessica jones you’re a winner

A few episodes ago, Jessica pulled away from Luke and their string of hook-ups ended. Despite this, Luke comes to Jessica and asks for her help. He’s looking to track down a drug dealer named Antoine, saying he’s doing this as a favor for the man’s sister. It turns out, Antoine’s sister has information that may prove that the death of Luke’s wife wasn’t an accident. Not that Luke immediately reveals his motivations to Jessica.

Luke and Jessica work well together, following leads and laying out bait for Antoine. When Luke drops Jessica off at her apartment, Malcolm gives Luke the Dutch uncle talk, which includes warning Luke not to take his issues out on Jessica and details about who Kilgrave is, and what Jessica is up against.

Luke: “You were trying to tell me about him when you and I were… what ever we were doing. ”

Jessica: “You had no reason to believe me.”

Luke thinks that him not believing Jessica about Kilgrave was why their relationship ended.

Jessica protests: “You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me, I’m a piece of shit.”

She’s still unable to tell him that she’s responsible – or at least, it was her body that killed Luke’s wife.

Luke: “Jessica Jones, you are a hard-drinking, short fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit.”

The search for Antoine is interrupted several times by Jessica needing to visit Hope in prison. Hope was violently beaten… and it turns out that she paid for that beating herself, hoping that doing so would cause a miscarriage. She’s pregnant and can’t stand the thought of Kilgrave’s child being inside of her.

“I can feel it growing, like a tumor. […]Every second it’s there I get raped again and again. My parents are shot again and again.”

I have so much respect for Jessica Jones for the way it unflinchingly names the horrors that it’s characters face. Hope reacted to learning of her pregnancy the way I think a lot of women would – with revulsion. She feels like it’s another violation added to the rape she suffered. And I was so pleased that this show allowed her to react like that and respected her right to that reaction

Jessica talks to Hogarth, who gets Hope the abortion she asked for, but bribes the nurse to collect the remnants of the abortion and send them to a lab, in an attempt to figure out Kilgrave’s power.

Luke and Jessica retrieve Antoine, and his sister gives Luke an accident report, which states that the bus driver was drinking while on duty – and because he had family in the right political places, he’s still driving the same route.

Luke goes off to kill him.

Luke gets on the bus the man is driving and at the last stop, he comes up to the driver and throws him through the window.

Jessica arrives, and with Luke about to kill a man, finally tells him the truth. Jessica is the one that killed Luke’s wife. Luke’s wife had a zip drive with information relating to Kilgrave. After she showed Kilgrave where it was hidden, he had Jessica dig it out of the foundation of a warehouse, and then kill her.

Luke initially refuses to believe this and then he’s furious with Jessica.

“You slept with me. […] You made me think I could get past it. […] You touched me with the same hands that killed my wife. […] I was wrong. You are a piece of shit.”

In unsettling news, Kilgrave spends this episode buying a house. Pointedly, he doesn’t use his powers to make the owner sell it or give it to him. He offers the current owner a ridiculous amount of cash to get the man to move him and his family out immediately. When Kilgrave peels away the wallpaper, he finds were Jessica and her little brother had their ages and heights marked on the wall – he’s just purchased Jessica’s childhood home.