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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: “The Whopper”

izombie the whopper

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t read other recaps until I’ve written my own. In the case of this episode, as soon as I finished watching, I went to several other sites that do recaps in an attempt to figure out what was going on.

Rewatching and research has lead me to pierce together the plot (facts) of the episode thusly (FYI, this is in chronological order, NOT the order in which this information is revealed):

Two years ago, Vic (an old high school friend of Drake) and another man were smuggling the tainted utopium that Ravi needs to create a zombie cure. They were shot by Big Fish, on the orders of Mr. Boss.

Big Fish and Terrell Johnson, another one of Mr. Boss’s enforcers, were sent to murder a dockworker who was going to testify against Mr. Boss’s organization. After the trial for the murder of the dockworker, Terrell went off the radar. When Liv and Clive find him in the course of their investigation, Mr. Boss is tipped off by a dirty cop, and sends Drake to kill Terrell.

Drake and Don E were looking for the bodies of Vic and his fellow drug-smugger, which prompted Big Fish to try and kill them too. Don E ended up shooting Big Fish, after Drake had been shot.

It’s confusing and honestly, I doubt any of this will be relevant in upcoming episodes.

The part that is relevant is that Liv had a vision from Big Fish’s brain that told her where the bodies with tainted utopium were hidden. The episode ends on an unremittingly triumphant note – the music swells and a permanent zombie cure is in sight. It’s so unremittingly triumphant that as I watched it I was sure that the next is episode was going to open with something going horribly wrong.

Final Thoughts

Major was caught by Blaine’s henchmen attempting to kill one of the zombies who gets his brains from Blaine.

Blaine is ready to “find a permanent solution to a Major problem”, when Major reveals that Blaine’s father is still alive. Lucky for Blaine, given that his father put a stipulation in his will that if he dies mysteriously, Blaine will get nothing.

Blaine’s father gets defrosted and is going to be tortured until he gives Blaine what he wants–a revised video will.

While there are dramatic progressions to several important plot points, the high level of confusion this episode engenders takes away from the enjoyment of the narrative. The episode would have been better served if the A-plot had been halved to give the rest of the episode room to breathe.