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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: “Physician, Heal Thy Selfie”

izombie physician heal thyself

In this episode, a number of long-term plotlines speed forward and start to weave together.

For the first time, Liv eats the brains of a person who wasn’t murdered (a social media obsessed millennial who walked in front of a bus while texting).

The murder of the week is a triple homicide — three men washed up on the shore of Lake Washington without their heads (no lunch for Liv – or relevant visions).

Peyton had been constructing a case against the crime lord Mr. Boss, with Blaine’s help. After learning exactly who Blaine is and what he’s done, Peyton is planning to inform the district attorney, Barracus, that she had sex with a CI, and resign.

Blaine attempts to talk Peyton out of this plan, and she gloriously shuts him down, with an assist from Liv.

Before she can resign, the district attorney disappears.

Mr. Boss sent three of his henchmen to kill Barracus, as punishment for doing his job as district attorney too well. However, Barracus is a zombie. He was kidnapped, taken out onto Lake Washington to kill, and instead he killed his three attackers, took their heads for sustenance, and hid at his lake house.

Mr. Boss’s henchmen had set up the kidnapping of Barracus to look like the work of the “Chaos Killer” aka Major “killing” zombies (but really putting them in a freezer).

This means that Major is in trouble with Vaughn. Major had already investigated Baraccus and said that he wasn’t a zombie. Major tries to explain that he saw Baraccus with his son and couldn’t kill him, but that Baraccus is the only zombie he let go free. Vaughn isn’t satisfied with that explanation, and says he’ll track down one person per day who dissed his product and kill them – until Major kills Baraccus.

Major kidnaps Baraccus and puts him in a freezer, convincing him to write a suicide note and give Major what he needs to stage a suicide.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that Vaughn accepted a stated suicide (even with photographic proof). I would have expected him to insist on seeing a body.

After several evenings of drinking with Ravi (who is clearly still hung up on her), Petyon emails the mayor her resignation. The mayor refused to take it. She wants Mr. Boss brought down, and she thinks Peyton is the woman to do it.

The episode ends with Liv discovering (via one of Blaine’s drug dealing henchmen and an associate of Drake’s) that Blaine is the new dealer who’s attempting to undercut Mr. Boss.

Final Notes

  • Liv’s relationship with Drake continues. He’s a handsome, charming zombie. After he attacked an abusive boyfriend of his mother’s, he did almost two years in prison. He still has a close relationship his mother. He likes Liv. He’s also one of Mr. Boss’s drug dealers and on the hook with Blaine because he needs brains. This relationship cannot go well. However, it is nice that Liv is finally getting some.
  • The music this episode was particularly on-point, especially Billy Squier’s “In the Dark” (when Peyton finds the DA’s wrecked house) and Youth Lagoon’s “The Knower” (when Major kidnaps Barracus)
  • Blaine is a weirdly sympathetic villain. Part of it is the charm that David Anders manages to put in his performance, but I think part of it is that the other villains are so much more despicable, that Blaine seems less evil by contrast. Mr. Boss is legitimately scary and I can only hope that Vaughn Du Clark ends the season eaten by one of the starving zombies in his basement.