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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

izombie fifty shades of grey matter

This episode does not involve Liv eating the brains of a dominatrix, which was my assumption from the title. Despite my momentary disappointment, the episode is absolutely aces.

The week’s personality is Grace, a sexually frustrated librarian who wrote an erotic romance (“The Upright Position”) in her spare time and is on the cusp of having it published.

The suspects for her murder are:

  • her husband, a fire-fighter who was paralyzed during a call
  • her neighbor, the adulterous flight attendant whose affairs inspired Grace’s novel
  • her neighbor’s husband, who is unaware of his wife’s infidelities
  • her boss, another librarian with literary ambitions (she writes murder mysteries and the killer used a murder from her manuscript)

This week’s case is fairly straightforward for iZombie: the husband did it. After his accident, he wasn’t willing to have sex with Grace, and she poured her sexual frustration into her novel. Her husband viewed her novel as proof of her dissatisfaction with her husband, and couldn’t handle having that made public.

The (relative) lack of twists gives this episode extra time to… fully plunder the comedic gold that is Liv on horny librarian brain, the height of which was this exchange:

Liv (to Ravi and Major): Have you guys ever wrestled? Stripped down, oiled up, seen who winds up on top?

Major: Have we?

Ravi: Strangely enough, no.

Major: Night’s young.

It’s the actors’ nonchalant delivery that kills it.

Drake, the man Liv turned into a (very handsome) zombie because he possessed information about the tainted utopium Ravi needs for a cure, is currently sandwiched between Mr. Boss (a crime boss no one wants to cross) and Blaine, who supplies Drake with brains. Drake is hoping Liv will give him brains from the morgue and make his life easier. She refuses to be his primary source for brains but does invite him over to her place for a date, where she feeds him horny librarian brain.

He’s a very entertaining guest, and tells an adorable story about stealing a pedi-cab and working as a driver for a night to pay a bar tab after his wallet was stolen.

They don’t bone down that evening — Liv insists they wait until the brains wear off to decide if they want to sleep together.

Additionally, there is significant progress on the season-long plot arcs.

  • Clive and his FBI girlfriend Bozzio get a lead on the string of disappearances she came to Seattle to solve – a lead which forces Major to give up the dog Minor. Minor was originally owned by one of the zombies that Major incapacitated and froze.
  • Bozzio also found a lead which brought her to Blaine, a raft of circumstantial evidence linking him to the Meat Cute murders and another string of disappearances, and an outstanding warrant….
  • …that Blaine slithers out of, because Peyton has granted Blaine immunity due to his work in building a case against Mr. Boss.

Peyton has also screwed Blaine, not realizing at the time just what kind of person he is.

The episode ends with her coming to Liv, finding out the truth about Blaine, and then lamenting the fact that it’s easy to have sex with someone and think you know them, but you don’t.

Liv steps back into her bedroom, where Drake is in her bed, naked.