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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “Blood Bonds”

supergirl blood bonds

Kara had a lot to deal with this week in Supergirl’s return from winter break. First and foremost, the fallout of Non’s attack on Maxwell Lord’s facility – as well as Cat Grant calling her out as Supergirl.

When the dust settled on the attack at Lord’s facility, Alex and Supergirl realized Non had kidnapped Hank Henshaw. The rest of the hour was split between trying to negotiate a hostage situation with Non, and Kara dodging Cat’s insistence she was Supergirl.

Sprinkled into all of this was Kara’s struggle with her aunt, Astra, who is still being held prisoner at the DEO. Add to that, General Lane assuming control of the DEO, just minutes after Alex was named Director with Hank being held hostage… Kara is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff.

After Non makes his demands asking for a trade – Hank Henshaw for Astra General – Lane makes it known he will not do any hostage trading. He attempts to torture Astra by preparing to administer a syringe of liquid Kryptonite when Supergirl steps in, pleading with him not to do so.

It is during this time the audience sees a flashback to Kara’s mother Alura Zor-El sentencing her sister Astra to prison for life for her actions. Astra chose terrorism to get her point across about Krypton’s dire fate and it didn’t work.

Astra’s accounts of the history with Kara and her underlying feelings with family just about send Kara over the edge as she plots to act out and take revenge. It is only the calming words of James Olsen and Winn that stops her.

Astra gives false information that not only leads to her escape, but that of the rest of her people – and Non assuring their threat is still active. On a positive note, Henshaw is recovered and Alex also tells Kara about Henshaw’s true origins.

On the Cat Grant front, she is so sure Kara is Supergirl that she forces Kara to quit, saying Supergirl should be out saving people and not working as her assistant. After learning about who Henshaw is, he and Kara pull a trick on Cat as he poses as Supergirl, thanks to his shape-shifting abilities. Both Supergirl and Kara are in the same room with Cat. This appeases her curiosity and Cat comments that she can see now that there is no resemblance and Kara can have her job back if she wants.

The second threat of the episode reveals itself at the end with Max Lord planning a nefarious plot to end what he believes is a threat from the aliens, including Supergirl.