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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: “AKA 99 Friends”

jessica jones aka 99 friends

In “99 Friends,” Jessica gets a new client, a wife who claims she wants photographic proof that her husband is cheating on her. It turns out, that what is really going on is that this husband and wife have discovered that Jessica has powers, and want to kill her because the wife lost her mother when New York was attacked by aliens (see The Avengers 2012).

The wife tries to shoot Jessica. Jessica gets the gun away from her and trashes the room.

“You think you’re the only ones who’ve lost people?” she yells. “You think you’re the only ones with pain? You think you can take your shit and dump it on me? You don’t get to do that! So you take your goddamn pain and you live with it, assholes!”

“You lost your parents?” Jessica shouts. “Welcome to the club! I lost mine in some random accident. Do you see me trying to kill every shitty driver? No! Because I don’t work my shit out on other people.”

That is Jessica’s life philosophy. You take your pain and you live with it and you don’t spread it around.

Meanwhile, Simpson returns to Trish’s apartment, believing that he killed her. He is horrified by what he did under Kilgrave’s control and unable to let it go. He’s determined to see Trish’s body, which will prove that his experiences with Kilgrave actually happened.

Jessica and Trish open the door, and Simpson is stunned that Trish is alive.

“How can you be alright?” Simpson asks.

“I am not all right,” Trish hisses, pulling her scarf down to show him the bruises he left around her throat.

Jessica provides Simpson with a brief explanation of what happened, and insists that Trish offer Kilgrave an on-air apology to get her out of Kilgrave’s cross hairs, which she very reluctantly does.

“Men and power, it’s seriously a disease,” Trish remarks later.

Despite Jessica’s urging, Simpson isn’t able to let what happened with Trish go. He shows up at her apartment again. He brings her a gun as a gift and despite Trish’s initial anger and fear (she considers shooting him through the door with the revolver he brought her), Trish ends up inviting him in.

Meanwhile, as part of Hope’s defense, Jessica and Hogarth interview individuals claiming that they’ve met Kilgrave or that he’d forced them to do something. Some of the people who come forward are clearly frauds or mentally disturbed – but some have stories that match Kilgrave’s MO. In the end, there is a collection of people who have all been influenced by Kilgrave and lived to tell about it.

They form a support group, and listening to their stories, Jessica discovers a lead on who has been following her – her drug addict neighbor, Malcolm.