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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Method Head”

izombie method head

Personally, I was delighted for the calendar to flip over to 2016, so the opening of iZombie‘s newest episode, which begins at Christmastime with a rehash of Liv and Major’s break up, did not endear the episode to me. The likelihood of the zombie cure reversing just stresses the pointlessness of the back-and-forth of the Major/Liv ship.

The show zooms through the next couple of weeks — Clive and his FBI girlfriend are appropriately hung over on January 1st, Liv is doing her best to get back into Clive’s good graces, and Blaine is raking in the money feeding zombies. Liv, Ravi, and Major are also searching for more tainted utopium, which is needed to recreate/research a zombie cure.

Then the episode settles into the turgid main plot.

On the set of a fictional teen supernatural soap opera, one of the actors, Jordan, is killed when a prop gun is switched for a real one. Liv is inexplicitly obsessed with this show, which made zero sense to me, despite her love of horror movies. Clive offers Liv an olive branch and asks for her help investigating on set. Liv is fangirling pretty hard and tripping on the brains of Jordan. Clive is more interested in the food at the set than anything else. The gimmick of this week seemed mainly like an excuse for the writing staff to make masturbatory in-jokes about creating a television show.

It turns out the prop master intentionally switched the weapon, blaming the actor (who was notorious for demanding multiple takes and causing shooting to run late) for the death of another crew member, a crew member the prop master was having an affair with.

Meanwhile, Major is trying to build a relationship with Vaughn in an effort to take him down. Gilda immediately spots Major’s intentions.

“Do you know what Mom used to say about you? […] Vaughn Du Clark. Smartest man in the world until you stroke his ego. Then he’s like all the rest,” Gilda warns her father.

Oh, Gilda, you devious girl. I’m still holding out hope you’ll be the big bad of season three.

As part of his attempts to befriend Vaughn, Major had given the other man a bugged fitness bracelet and thus, when Vaughn tested Major’s loyalty, Major was forewarned, and passed though barely. Now he’s listening to every conversation Vaughn has.

In the ending scene, Clive is once again given a lead on the Meat Cute murders, two leads, in fact. Fingers crossed he’ll get some traction on that case this time.

Final thought: I would love to have seen the case that was referenced in this episode where Liv and Ravi had to pull a snake out of a corpse.