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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: “Human for a Day”

supergirl human for a day

In a staple of superhero storytelling, Kara loses her powers after blowing them out the week before taking on the Army’s robot. And of course, just as Supergirl is waiting for her powers return, an Earthquake hits the city.

Kara, feeling powerless and useless after the earthquake hits, also experience pain. The earthquake happens as Kara is speaking with James Olsen. She falls down and breaks her arm and is very surprised at how much it hurts as she relays this to her sister, Alex.

As the city tries to withstand the after effects of the earthquake, Kara tries to at least help people without her superhero powers. It doesn’t help the situation when Max Lord comes on the television and calls out Supergirl for not being there to help.

As Kara and James try to help victims, they run into Max Lord who tries to save a man badly injured. He states he could help him if he had an x-ray and could see what was going on – after revealing he spent some time in medical school. Kara’s inability to use her powers, and save the man, really hits her hard.

Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex is not only struggling with trusting Hank Henshaw after learning about his connection to her father’s death, she and other members of DEO are trying to handle a lethal alien escaping after the power goes out. The alien has the power to take over a person’s mind.

Alex’s mistrust of Hank Henshaw hits an all-time high at one point and she even handcuffs him. When she is confronted by the lethal alien, it is Hank who winds up saving her. She then tells him about knowing he was with her father when he died.

Hank Henshaw swears Alex to secrecy and tells her the truth – he is not Hank Henshaw but is a stranded alien who is a shape-shifter who took the form of Hank Henshaw. He said Alex’s father helped him and he made a vow to protect Alex. He tells her that he is the last son of Mars and his real name is J’onn J’onzz.

As for Kara, she finally gets her powers back after an extreme rush adrenaline. How did it happen? As James was climbing up an elevator shaft to save people in the CatCo building, he falls and that jump starts Kara’s powers and she saves him.

The episode ends with Supergirl being blown out of the sky and coming face-to-face with her nefarious aunt.