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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: “Swan Song”

once upon a time swan song

Truths are revealed, plans come to fruition, and sacrifices are made in the winter finale of Once Upon a Time.

Hook’s dark plan takes shape as the collective Dark Ones mark all the residents of Storybrooke for a trip to the Underworld. Each of them will take a Dark One’s place in the underworld so they can stay in the realm of the living.

Emma will have none of that as she works tirelessly to save her family, and in the back of her mind, try to save Hook as well. Her plan includes getting her hands on Excalibur and collecting all the Dark Ones in the sword and then sacrificing herself – thus eliminating darkness.

In a flashback, the viewers see more of Hook’s dark past and the incident he and Regina vowed never to speak of.

As a young boy, Hook, a.k.a. Killian, was abandoned on a ship with his brother Liam by their father. When their father left, it also left the boys in servitude of the captain of the ship.

Thirsty for revenge against “The Crocodile” Hook agrees to kill Regina’s mother. To prove his worth, she tells him to kill a man in a tavern they are at and Hook is shocked to see the man is his father. Hook confronts his father who spins a tale of remorse and redemption for what he has done. He explains he was under a sleeping curse and woke from it after true love’s kiss – falling in love with his nurse while he slumbered.

Realizing he carried so much hate already, Hook agrees to help his father leave courtesy of transit papers. Hook is surprised when the man asks for two letters of transit as he has a son as well.

Hook comes to deliver the papers and is enraged when he hears his father talking to his youngest son and calls him Liam – the name of Hook’s dead brother. Upset and fueled with rage, Hook kills his father.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma tries to stop Hook, as all she cares about have been summoned to the lake to be taken to the Underworld. After much pleading, Emma finally reaches Hook who captures all the Dark Ones in Excalibur and then asks Emma to do the unthinkable – plunge the sword into him, thus banishing the darkness.

After Killian’s death, Emma is distraught. Yet, there is something calling to her. She goes to Gold’s shop and is shocked to find out he still has the dagger and the name it bears again is Rumpelstiltskin. As payment for not telling Belle of his nefarious deeds to bind the dagger back to him, Emma asks for his help. She is going to the Underworld to bring back Hook and the episode ends with she, Henry, Mary-Margaret, David, Regina and Robin all getting on the boatman’s ship to head to the Underworld.

Notes: Regina finally had enough of Zelena and banished her back to Oz… Belle and Gold reunited but for how long?