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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: ‘The Hurt Stalker’

izombie hurt stalker

PopInsomiacs is going to be jumping into iZombie recaps midseason. Season 2, thus far:

  • Liv reunited with her ex-fiancee, Major.
  • Major has been blackmailed into killing zombies for Vaughn, CEO of Max Rager (…but is he really killing them?).
  • Gilda, Vaughn’s daughter, is Liv’s new roommate…
  • …Gilda also had an affair with Major while he was most depressed, which he ended at the same time that he started dating Liv again.
  • Clive has gotten new leads on the Meat Cute murders (that would/could lead to him discovering that zombies are real). Liv falsified evidence in order to throw Clive off the scent.
  • Peyton, Liv’s best friend is back in town, and we’ll save what’s happening in her life for the next episode she’s in.
  • Ravi continues to be a delight, minus the caddish way he broke up with his overly-enthusiastic girlfriend.

Liv comes home after a night spent with Major and has a chat with Gilda, where Gilda learns that Liv is back with her old fiancé. Gilda is clearly unhappy with the news and artfully seeds doubt in Liv’s mind about the longevity of her restarted relationship.

The murder of the week is a woman named Regina Sumner, who was killed in a parking garage. When Clive shows up, we learn that he used to date Regina, and that the gun that killed her was his.

Over at Max Rager, Gilda and Vaughn discuss Liv and Major, as well as the need for a volunteer to test the new version of the company’s energy drink (Vaughn ends up trying it with disturbing results).

Vaughn: “I’ve got the brains, we’ve both got the looks, let’s go make lots of money.”

I hope that Gilda will get to be the one that kills Vaughn. Leanne Lapp has the most glorious facial expressions and I think she would make a fabulous villain for Season Three.

Because Clive is involved with the murder victim, he’s officially off the case, and Liv and Ravi are working with a Detective Cavanaugh, who believes his case is already solved: “If this case was any easier, I’d have slept with it in college.” Which tells you everything you need to know about his personality.

It’s only after eating the brains of Regina that Liv learns that she was an obsessive stalker. She was also a “badge bunny” who liked to date cops. His profession was the only reason she was originally interested in Clive.

Liv hopes this brain won’t affect her – no such luck.

“Who’s the bitch using your shower?” she confronts Major with a bottle of “Sinful Diva” shampoo. (It’s Ravi’s.)

Despite knowing that she’s being influenced by the brains she’s eaten, while Major is sleeping she uses his thumb to unlock his phone, finding the text messages exchanged between him and Gilda (aka Rita, the name Major knows her by).

Liv confronts him the next morning about this. Major tells her his relationship with Gilda/Rita was “meaningless” and calls her on how she’s acting.

Back to this week’s murder.

Ravi and Liv’s first stop in their investigation is Uma, of Karma Cleaning, who was being sued by Regina for unpaid fees. Uma tells Ravi and Liv (who are pretending to be engaged) that Regina did nothing to help her and then showed up drunk at Uma’s wedding. It turns out Uma married a cop.

Uma’s husband has an alibi, but Liv and company get another lead on a cop Regina was sleeping with. Liv breaks into the SUV of the then-unknown cop, and is caught after discovering that it is the police captain.

Liv is put in jail for the weekend and has to struggle not to go full-on-zombie on her annoying cellmate.

I’m going to mention my biggest disappointment with this episode, which is that Ravi and Liv being fake!engaged and Liv being in jail are only five minutes of this episode, instead of each being the meat of an entire episode. I adore the fake!dating/fake!engaged trope, and I think Ravi and Liv have excellent chemistry that could have made running with that trope for longer a delight. Also, there is a LOT of story that could have been mined from Liv being imprisoned. Ravi and Major would have had to use their wiles to get her brains while Liv struggled against her zombie instincts. That would’ve also have the advantage of letting the audience get to know Liv at a more baseline level, which is one of my ongoing complaints with this show – while I understand the very premise of iZombie is that Liv’s going to be a new person each week, I would really like a couple of episodes where she’s just her.

On the subject of ‘not being her’, the minute Liv is released, Ravi is waiting with a smoothie made from the last of Regina’s brain (nothing else was available).

Regina was murdered by Uma and her brother. Uma intended to scare Regina, to punish her for sleeping with Uma’s husband, but Regina was carrying a knife and when it looked like Regina would kill Uma’s brother, Uma shot her with the gun Regina had stolen from Clive, and which had fallen from Regina’s purse. “Every man cheats,” Uma tells Liv. “They can’t help themselves.”

The ending scene of the episode is Liv breaking into Major’s phone again. She texts with Gilda/Rita, who sends a picture of her body in black lingerie, careful to keep her face out of frame.

I was expecting that this episode would be the one where Gilda/Rita and Major’s affair was revealed. Their affair and Gilda’s subtle resentment of its end have been consistently teased for several episodes in a row and I am ready for that shoe to drop. I’m curious to see whether it is revealed at the same time as Major’s extra-curricular work for Max Rager. At this point, Major and Liv are both keeping several large secrets from each other and I think it’s a coin toss as to whether or not the reveal of those secrets will end their relationship for good.