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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: “How Does She Do It?”

supergirl how does she do it

Even Supergirl can get stressed and pulled in different directions.

If this episode seems a bit out of place, it’s because it was preempted last week due to the bombings in Paris and this episode dealing with a bombing. Last week fans got the Thanksgiving episode a week early, and this week’s episode was a week late.

So, Cat Grant bests Lois Lane on a prestigious award and has to fly to Metropolis to accept it, leaving Grant without someone to watch her son. Kara agrees to watch Grant’s son, not knowing what else will be on her plate.

On the James Olsen front, he is dealing with the return of his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane – though the audience knows they make up because he went home with her for Thanksgiving last week.

Kara is also dealing with a drone following her around as Hank Henshaw tells her it isn’t the DEO’s drone but someone else’s.

As Kara, as Supergirl, deals with a rash of bombings, she also tries to care for Grant’s son. She gets off to a bad start as she is late picking him up after a Supergirl emergency.

The episode also centers around Max Lord and his super train. When the latest bombing has tech from Max Lord’s company he informs Alex and Henshaw he wouldn’t blow up the building because it is one he owns.

So, let’s get to the chase of the episode. Bombs are going off all around the city and the culmination is the new train Lord is set to launch. Alex, Kara and Henshaw pin down a man who once worked for Lord and assume he is doing this to get back and Lord.

As the train is set to launch, Kara finds out Grant’s son has made his way down to the train in hopes of seeing his idol Supergirl. Torn between two warring accounts of the bomb either being at the airport or the train station, Supergirl chooses the train station because Grant’s son is there.

Supergirl saves the day and then it all makes sense. Lord was using the bombings as a way to test Supergirl’s abilities. She confronts him and he doesn’t deny it and she says she will be watching him.

James and Lucy reunite when he rushes to the airport, believing she was in danger. She always felt his job and Superman was more important to him then her, but his act disproved her belief.

So, in the end, Kara is continuing to learn and this time she learned that sometimes even Supergirl needs to prioritize.