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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: “Fight or Flight”

supergirl fight or flight

First off, these people are the worst at keeping secrets on Supergirl. First, Kara, as Supergirl, lets it slip Superman is her cousin to Cat Grant. Of course Cat Grant plasters this news on every media and social media platform.

Second, after Winn shows Kara and James Olsen the secret office they can use as their command center, James reveals that Superman is Clark Kent. James didn’t seem too worried about this reveal and Winn is giddy with the knowledge that Clark Kent is Superman.

Kara is still trying to find her footing as Supergirl and proving she is her own superhero and not just a pale comparison to Superman. When a new human villain hits National City, Kara is shocked when Hank Henshaw says the DEO won’t do anything about the guy named Reactor.

James Olsen tells Kara that Reactor is a heavy-hitter villain and Reactor and Superman have had some serious fights. Kara’s first real tangle with Reactor doesn’t go well for the young Kryptonian as he floors her and bests her. Just as Reactor is about to put the finishing moves on Supergirl, she is saved by Superman – a nice hazy shot of his silhouette to keep Superman’s mystique alive.

Kara is upset that she had to be saved by her cousin and is even more upset when she learns James Olsen called Superman to save her. Alex, intent on helping her sister, uses the DEO computers to find information on Reactor. At first, Hank seems upset but then offers his help.

In the end, Kara finds her own way to defeat Reactor, with the help of her sister and the DEO. A reactor in his chest gives Reactor his power and Kara finds a way to pull it out and defeat him.

Kara, who is starting to give into her feelings for James, goes to see him after her tussle with Reactor and is shocked to see him with Lucy Lane, Lois Lane’s sister and James’ ex-girlfriend. Upset by her run-in with James and Lucy, Kara gets a boost when she gets and IM message from Clark. At the end of the conversation, Clark all but says that he is proud of her, giving her the encouragement she needs.

The episode ends on a nice note with Kara sharing some sisterly bonding time with her sister Alex. And this interaction is what makes Supergirl so special. In so many superhero series on network TV today, and even movies, the hero is dark and haunted. It’s refreshing to see Kara dealing with the issues of becoming a hero, but also finding the lighter side of life and finding time for herself and her family and friends.