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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: “Stronger Together”

supergirl stronger together

Supergirl had some growing pains in the whole saving National City business. Hank Henshaw, and even her sister Alex, warn her she may be trying to do too much too soon. Intent on following her cousin’s footsteps, instead of being her own person, Supergirl flies off to stop an oil fire at the docks.

She tries to use her super breath to blow out the fire, and when that doesn’t work, she decides to move the ship. It works until her super power cracks the hull of the ship and causes an oil spill.

Ah, the fickle public. Supergirl goes from super hero to super heel. This is when Supergirl realizes she can’t do all of this on her own. She asks Winn and James to help her start small in her heroine ways – as she spends part of the episode stopping robberies and rescuing a snake from a tree.

Meanwhile, Cat Grant wants an exclusive interview with Supergirl and expects James Olsen to get it for her – since he has ties to Superman. Kara, a.k.a. Supergirl, tells James she doesn’t want to do the interview and he tells her not to worry, he will continue to deflect Cat.

The baddie of the week is stealing DDT and Henshaw, Alex and the DOE are trying to figure out why. First they believe he may want to create a bomb until Kara remembers her mother telling her about the creature’s origins, which helps the DOE realize he is using it as a food source.

Before the DOE can find him, Kara’s aunt Astra gets a hold of him and tells him she is going to use him as bait to capture her niece.

The DOE has the same idea, baiting the creature with a truckload of DDT.  The plan backfires when the creature shoots out deadly quills, hitting Alex in the leg with one, and capturing her. Alex is brought to a warehouse where she discovers that Astra is Kara’s mother’s twin sister. Kara is upset when she finds out Alex has been kidnapped and goes in search of her.

When Kara finds Alex, she is warned by Alex it is a trap right before she comes face-to-face with her aunt. It is not a happy family reunion as Kara finds out her mother imprisoned her aunt in Fort Rozz and Astra has a plan to “save” Earth.

Aunt and niece fight and it look like Astra may best Kara when she is interrupted by Hank Henshaw and his men. Astra is just about to do her spiel about not being able to be hurt when Henshaw stabs her with a Kryptonite knife. Shocked to feel pain, Astra flies away.

Kara tells Alex she is ready to learn how to fight and not just rely on her strength.

Back at the DOE, Alex tells Kara they know her cousin, Superman, has a fortress in the arctic full of knowledge from Krypton. She shows Kara a room that will be all hers, as only Kara’s hand print will allow entrance. Inside the room is a hologram of her mother, with Kara’s mom’s memories able to answer Kara’s questions.

In the end, as well, Kara decides she will do the interview with Cat Grant. Kara flies Grant’s car up on a hill and says she is ready to give her the interview.