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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: “Go”

quantico go

The fallout of Simon learning about the twins is examined first thing as Miranda Shaw asks him to keep their secret for her experiment.

At Quantico, the recruits are told it is exam time but are shocked when the exams are handed out and the paper is blank. They realize it is another test and try to find out what new loophole they have to figure out.

Their attention turns to their classmate Fletcher when video playback of the test distribution shows he didn’t receive a test. He tells them he believes he didn’t receive a test because he is going to be asked to leave. Fletcher storms out and everyone is in a panic and the recruits begin to panic when an alarm sounds and their classroom shuts down – including blast doors dropping over the windows.

Alex interrogates Vasquez when they find out she was sleeping with Vasquez. They learn Fletcher has been acting off and go back to the night before on the video. They are shocked and a bit freaked out when they find out he has placed a bomb in the classroom.

Asher goes into action trying to defuse the bomb when the timer reads 22 minutes. As time runs down, Elias finds the door open and rushes out – causing the timer on the bomb to tick down quicker.

In the end, the whole scenario was another test for the recruits. Shaw tells them it is all about trust and working together. The test weeds out even more recruits including Elias.

As for Caleb, after turning down his father’s bribe to fail on purpose, he is surprised he gets a second chance to join the recruits to be an agent, not an analyst. He thanks Shelby for whatever she said to his father – as Shelby stuck up for Caleb.

After Alex learns how Booth was strong-armed into befriending her, she goes to Liam with a strong arm of her own. After using the bug in Liam’s office and learning he is trying to deter her from learning about her father, she blackmails him into giving Booth his career back. Booth takes it and leaves Quantico –but it also seems he is looking into Alex’s father.

In the present, Asher and Alex look for the twins. When they find Nimah, she is worrying about her sister whom she has lost communication with. After finding Raina, Nimah trades places with her so Asher and Alex can talk to her about why she was at the bomb site hours before it explodes.

They are in the apartment across from the operation where Raina is when Shelby and Booth show up saying the FBI may be on to them. They are right as Vasquez has put a tracking device on Booth.

Raina races to save Nimah from the terrorist group she has taken her place at, as Shelby, Asher, Booth and Alex deal with the FBI crashing the apartment they are at. Asher and Shelby are arrested, while Alex and Booth escape. As Booth and Alex make their way to the alleyway, they run into Nimah and Raina. Alex tries to tell the twins to say they kidnapped them just as Booth is shot.

Booth and Alex run into Vasquez and Alex pleads with her to help Booth – that she will give herself up. Shockingly, Vasquez lets Booth and Alex go.