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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: “AKA Crush Syndrome”

jessica jones crush syndrome

Episode 2 opens with Jessica in an interrogation room, having a relatively antagonistic conversation with the police about the murder of Hope’s parents: “I’m licensed. My paperwork is up to date. The only thing you can charge me with is trying to make a goddamn living in this goddamn city.”

Part of the fallout from that is Luke Cage learning that Jessica had been watching him before he met her outside of his bar. Luke is not pleased to learn this but a subsequent bar fight has them fighting together: Jessica throwing drunk men across the room, and Cage getting stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle – causing the bottle to shatter, without a scratch on Cage.

Jessica is determined to help Hope, and to that end, gets Hogarth to agree to represent her if Jessica can prove Kilgrave exists, leading Jessica to hunt down other victims of Kilgrave. She starts by investigating the bus crash that she thought killed Kilgrave.

Jessica finds the EMT who got Kilgrave out of the bus crash and provided the transplant surgeon and the two kidneys that Kilgrave needed to recover. The EMT is suffering the aftermath of a stroke (caused by his experiences with Kilgrave), living hooked to machines, and asks that Jessica kill him (she doesn’t). The transplant surgeon provides the verification that Hogarth required and she takes Hope’s case.

The transplant surgeon also gives Jessica her first clue about a potential weakness of Kilgrave’s: Kilgrave was conscious during the transplant of the kidneys into his body, implying that putting him under surgical anesthetic could negate his powers and free the people Kilgrave is controlling.

The heart of this episode is the relationship between Trish and Jessica. I am typically a hard sell on the ‘stay away from me for your own protection’ trope but in this instance, it works well. The combination of Kilgrave being as dangerous as he is and his MO make it extremely likely that anyone Jess cares about is a target. The fact that Jessica is being honest about what she’s doing and why, makes Jessica trying to cut Trish out of her life genuinely affecting.

Rachel Taylor and Krysten Ritter do a great job showing the love that Trish and Jessica share. Jessica is very clear about why Trish needs to stay away and what the consequences could be if she doesn’t. Towards the end of that scene, Jessica describes the (currently broken) door of her business: “It had the name on it. […] The door. Alias Investigations, I had it made special.” It’s clear that Jessica wants Trish to be proud of her.

To make sure you click the next episode button, the last ten minutes of the episode show Trish learning to fight, Kilgrave taking a family living in a glorious penthouse apartment hostage, and Luke Cage showing up in Jessica’s apartment and confronting Jessica about the fact that they both have powers.