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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 5 Recap: “Room Service”

american horror story hotel room service

So if you haven’t kept up with American Horror Story, now’s your chance to jump on board. Last week we saw a lot of action, blood and even a ‘rebirth.’ And by ‘rebirth’ I mean Donovan’s turning of his mother Iris as well as the Countess’ turning of Dr. Alex Lowe into a vampire so that she could forever join her little blood-sucking boy, Holden.

Now this week, we get to see the consequences of everyone turning into bloodsuckers.

This episode starts with Lowe suspiciously checking her temperature at the hospital. while her patient Max has measles and is on the verge of dying. As much as Lowe wants to save him, she also wants to feed on blood so she eases her appetite by breaking into the blood bank and choosing her dinner. Now that she’s a little less hangry, she makes the quick decision to turn Max in order to save him. But that proves to be a terrible idea.

After Max is allowed to go home, his peculiar appetite takes a turn for the worse. That’s when he ends up killing/feeding on his parents before school (aka typical Monday morning) and then goes on to turn ALL of his classmates into creepy little vampires. They then go on to basically kill the whole school staff and blame the ‘mass murder’ on an imaginary man because they are now acting like a vampy cult. WEIRD.

But that’s not the only interesting storyline going on in this episode. We also see a bit of trouble brewing up as Donovan and Ramon join forces to take down the Countess. They decide Iris is the perfect weapon since she is invisible to everyone including the queen (although the shakes she has from being turned are kind of creeping people out).

Iris, upset about being turned and being invisible, turns to the lovely Liz Taylor for a cocktail and advice. Luckily that cocktail was made of blood and Triple Sec so it calmed the newbie vamp down. As the night proceeds, hunky Darren Criss is introduced as a very sassy hipster who is checking into the Hotel Cortez with his even sassier girlfriend. Needless to say, his screen time doesn’t run very long as Iris kills both with a corkscrew because they treat her terribly and she is not willing to deal with anyone else’s crap.

Now not only do we get to see a new and empowered Iris, we are also given a backstory to Liz Taylor! So exciting. Rewind back to 1984, and we’re introduced to Topeka sales rep Nick Prior who on a business trip ends up at the Cortez. A married man with kids, Prior uses his business trips as a way to come in contact with his real self: a beautiful cross-dresser. But not to worry, the Countess finds him and encourages him to be fabulous and BAM! The birth of Liz Taylor is amongst us. As the Countess encourages this transformation she gives some pretty good advice. “Become who you were born to be: a goddess” is something that obviously stood by our lovely Liz.

Now although the episode delves into the backgrounds of the surrounding characters, we still get our needed John Lowe fix. Although his appearance is rather short, it gives us a bit more insight into his relationship with Sally. AKA we see them wake up in bed together, he freaks out, then we see flashbacks of them getting freaky. So their relationship still seems a bit fuzzy. Is it real? Is Lowe really hallucinating? Is he actually doing the dirty with HYPODERMIC SALLY? I’m not sure.

What I do know is that Lowe is fired from his job after being questioned about the mysterious death at the Cortez since his boss doesn’t really believe that dead serial killers came back to life and had a dinner party where flesh was the main course.

Checking back to Alex Lowe, the episode ends with the focus on her as the Countess titles her governess of the children. So she will be with Holden forever (as long as she stays loyal to Queen Gaga) but she also kind of adopted a ton of other vampire kids.

Now all that’s left to do is wait until the next episode and figure out WHAT is actually happening with all these newbie vampires. I’m also really excited to see Angela Basset’s character being developed a bit more. Fierce Seventies queen who is trying to go against the vampire queen? There’s no way this won’t be interesting.