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“We’re Going Back”: The Preeminent ‘Back to the Future’ Event in a Year Full of Them

back to the future

Unless you live in 1955, you’ve no doubt heard that this year Back to the Future is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and that we’re fast approaching the futuristic date when Marty, Doc Brown and Einstein ventured in Back to the Future II: October 21, 2015, forever known as Back to the Future Day.

But really, it’s been Back to the Future year.

There’s a new game. There’s a new Blu-Ray coming on October 21, with a new short starring the incomparable Christopher Lloyd in ‘Doc Brown Saves The World.’ There was a concert. There was an outdoor screening. There’s a theatrical rerelease of the entire Back to the Future trilogy on October 21.

But the best Back to the Future celebration is “We’re Going Back,” a five day LA-based extravaganza heavy with 1.21 gigawatts of fun, special events and surprises that will make you go Oh-La-La.

The party kicks off with “A Future Experience” at Universal Studios Hollywood on Wednesday October 21, which includes a custom tour of the studio’s backlot (featuring the COURTHOUSE SQUARE!), admission to the park in the form of front of the line passes, a screening of BTTF 2, the world premiere screening of OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine, and the chance to see the actual DeLorean used in the film. Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry: lunch and dinner is included. A hug from Elisabeth Shue probably won’t be, but you never know unless you go.

Thursday, October 22, brings “Hill Valley Live!” where fans journey north of Burbank to a “secret location” crafted into Marty’s hometown of Hill Valley. You’ll also get a chance to ride on a hoverboard with the gang from the movie and the original hoverboarding stunt team.

Demonstrations, photo ops, celebrities, presentations and a world premiere screening of Back in Time round out the day, with BBQ and a (free) screening of BTTF 3 acting as the cherry on top of the brightest timeline.

Friday, October 23, sends you on a filming locations tour throughout the LA area, including a pit stop at the Burger King right by Doc’s lab. Maybe it’ll come with special Flux Capacitor sauce. The nighttime brings a costume contest with prizes almost as great as purple Calvin Klein’s.

Saturday, October 24, is the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance,” taking place at the original filming location, recreating the iconic venue for a night of dancing, free food trucks, and, of course, surprises galore. Like maybe one of your friends will blink out of existence. But probably not.

The fun ends (note: the fun surrounding BTTF will never end) Sunday, October 25, with “Back to the Future Film School,” where members of the cast and crew will reveal all you could ever want to know about the original Robert Zemeckis classic. Afterwards, the destination is Twin Pines Mall, the site of the Libyan attack, for the last public screening of Back to the Future at the location. Best of all: it’s free!

Check the website for more information, guests, and tickets, because they’re selling out quickly. And also, because it is your density.