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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Opening Credits Revealed!

american horror story hotel

Okay, everyone; get excited because the time has come! The American Hotel Story: Hotel opening credits have been revealed and it’s one of their creepiest sequences yet. The whole minute and six seconds is filled with eerie images that I’m sure will come back to haunt us as the season develops.

Following the beat of American Horror Story’s classic and creepy melody, there are hands that are ripping through walls, arms coming out of mattresses as well as daunting little children running through the halls. There is also blood everywhere (as expected) but there is one small detail that caught my eye.

Throughout the credits are the names of the actors that will be appearing in the season; they are written out in neon red letters that brighten up the screen like a ‘no vacancy’ sign. Now this style is not just used to display the actor’s names but it is also used to spookily present the Ten Commandments as the credits roll.

It’s safe to say that Ryan Murphy has used this to provide us with a clue as to how this season will play out – I’m guessing it’s going to be a sinful one. Now why am I so excited about the opening credits being released? Because it means we’re that much closer to the season premiere!

AHS: Hotel will creep its way onto your TV this Wednesday, October 7 on FX.