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‘I Smile Back’ Trailer: Sarah Silverman Takes A Dramatic Turn

i smile back sarah silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman is taking a dramatic turn in the film I Smile Back. She stars as Laney, a housewife with children who does bad things including drugs, sleeping with men, and disappearing whenever she wants. Her marriage is on the verge of a breakdown, and she is making one desperate attempt to redeem herself.

The trailer begins with the ideal marriage. Laney is on her stomach, half-asleep, and is kissed by her husband. She drives her kids to school and acts like a kid when she’s at the dinner table. Laney seems to be the ideal free-spirited wife with the perfect life. Someone who has everything should be content with what they are given, right? Not for Laney.

There are montages in the trailer of Laney drinking, and a scene where she snorts cocaine. She also appears at the house of an implied former flame asking him why he hasn’t contacted her. On the surface she has everything, but there are obvious deep underlying emotional and mental issues that she hasn’t addressed yet.

I’ve seen Silverman do drama before, and that was when she played the recovering alcoholic sister of Seth Rogen’s character Lou in the film Take This Waltz. I appreciated her character and thought she did a wonderful monologue at the end of the film. She showed hints that she had the capability to do drama. I hope I Smile Back is the vehicle that can lead to more dramatic parts for Silverman.

I Smile Back opens next month on October 23.