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‘Zoolander 2’ Releases Hugely-Anticipated and Hilarious Teaser Trailer

All I can say is… Thank God I’ve spent the past ten years practicing my ‘Blue Steel’.

To the rejoice of many stalwart comedy fans, Zoolander 2 (or Zoolander I-I as Ben Stiller’s eponymous model tries to call it) announced its official teaser trailer. The teaser shows the evolution of mankind with a Stephen Hawking-esque voiceover declaring that the journey of man has led to the important questions – to which Derek Zoolander (Stiller) asks why God made ugly people.

Zoolander is a cultural icon, and one of Stiller’s finest comedic performances, so to see him both in the role, and reunited with regular co-star Owen Wilson as fellow male model Hansel, is a real joy to see. The cherry on the cake? The pair unveiled the film by strutting in-character down the Valentino fashion show in March, in possibly the coolest way ever to announce a film.

With the return of the original cast (Christine Taylor will return as intrepid journalist Matilda, while the ebullient Will Ferrell will return in his role as the flamboyant, villainous, and scene-stealing Mugatu), along with some famous cameos (Kim Kardashian-West, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande are all reported as having filmed something for the film), Zoolander 2 looks set to captivate 2016 as the film to see.