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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: “Lies of Omission”

teen wolf lies of omission

Everyone on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf is basically waiting for the other shoe to drop as they await The Dread Doctors’ next play and see how things turn out for Corey and Hayden. They’re also unsure about how many others have been altered by the Dread Doctors.

Some more information is also revealed on Theo when he meets with some of the Dread Doctors, asking them to spare Hayden because they promised him a pack of his own. Theo is also cementing his agenda and getting close to Scott, by sharing information on Stiles. He tells Scott to open his glove compartment as Scott pulls out a wrench. It is then Theo tells Scott how Stiles killed Donovan.

Corey begins to bleed mercury and is taken to the hospital. Everyone knows Corey has a small window to be saved as the Dread Doctors will come after him since they consider him a failure. Hayden is also suffering from the same symptoms and Liam tries to hide with her.

Stiles and Lydia attempt to help Parrish realize who he is and what he is doing – he is a body taker. Distraught when he discovers what he is doing, Parrish locks himself in a jail cell.

Theo and Scott are too late to save Corey as the Dread Doctors find Corey at the hospital and kill him.

Theo also solidifies his playing both sides by taking the blame for Donovan’s death to Sheriff Stilinski. He tells him, with tears in his eyes, that he did it to save Stiles.

As Liam tries to fight off the Dread Doctors from taking Hayden, Scott shows up. They fight the Dread Doctors but ultimately they fail. Hayden is captured by the Dread Doctors and all seems lost when Hayden is injected right before Liam’s eyes. All are shocked when Hayden doesn’t die and seems okay.

Liam and Theo take Hayden to the animal clinic. Liam suggests that Scott might be able to save her with the alpha bite.

Scott confronts Stiles with the wrench Theo said he used to kill Donovan. Scott asks why Stiles didn’t tell him what happened and Stiles pleads he couldn’t. Meanwhile, Theo is hiding, watching Scott and Stiles friendship fall apart.

With Hayden dying, Liam pleads with Scott to bite Hayden but Scott refuses.