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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ News Roundup: A Look at the Characters

american horror story hotel

Ryan Murphy has done it again. After four season of terrifying horror stories, he is now bringing some of our favorite actors to a hotel that they probably won’t be able to check out of. American Horror Story: Hotel will be centered around the art-deco building that was built in 1930 by James March, the rich owner with a hunger for evil. The Hotel Cortez was designed to hide March’s murderous doings as the building is filled with secret rooms, dead ends, torture devices, etc. In present day, the Cortez is actually acquired by a Countess who is not only thirsty for fashion. Her thirst for blood and sex will provide a drama-filled storyline that creates a connection between all of the guests.

Just recently Entertainment Weekly released 11 exclusive photos that gives us a glimpse of the show’s new characters.

  • Lady Gaga will be the Countess who is in love with male model Tristan, portrayed by Matt Bomer.
  • Cheyenne Jackson has also been added to the lineup of stars, as he will be playing a fashion designer who has simply come to the hotel for some inspiration.
  • Wes Bentley has also joined the cast as an LAPD detective, alongside Naomi Campbell who will be checking in as a Vogue Editor.
  • Angela Bassett and Finn Wittrock have also come back, as they will be love interests for the Countess.
  • Evan Peters will be playing the ever charming but psychotic James March and Kathy Bates will be joining the hotel as a worker.
  • Veteran Sarah Paulson is one of the more tragic figures on the show, as she plays a junkie but not to fret – she’ll be joined by New Girl’s Max Greenfield for an experience they’ll never forget.

Now if this insane lineup of stars doesn’t encourage you to tune in, I’m sure the teasers will convince you.

You can check into the Hotel on October 7 on FX.