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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: “Required Reading”

teen wolf required reading

The episode opens with a flash forward of Scott having an asthma attack in the hospital and his mother arriving to help him after a Dread Doctor crushes his inhaler. Malia shows up to try and fight off the Dread Doctor and as she does, Melissa and Scott run for the elevator. Just as Malia makes it into the elevator and the door closes, Scott looks at Malia and says, “We shouldn’t have read that book.”

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Theo decide to read the book “The Dread Doctors.” They attempt to do it as a group to help each deal with the hallucinations each assume they will have after reading it. Theo, of course, has an ulterior motive.

Kira begins speaking Japanese when she falls asleep and Theo records it. Kira is also confused because she can’t finish the book and finds out it has something to do with her being a fox. Theo later tells Scott he translated what she was saying and it was, “I am the bringer of death.”

Later, the group’s memories start flooding back. Scott’s childhood memory brings back his asthma in his AP Biology class. Liam saves the day when he finds an inhaler and brings it to him. Lydia is disturbed that her suppressed memory is of her grandmother in Eichen House trying to kill herself in her bathtub. A confused Lydia tells Stiles that it isn’t her memory, it is someone else’s.

Stiles and Lydia go to the hospital as Lydia tries to find out what happened during her surgery. When the power goes out at the hospital, they try to find out and are separated. Lydia goes down into a dark corridor following a sound while Stiles follows a girl in a white hospital gown.

Lydia finds a room where a Dread Doctor is doing an experiment on a guy pulling back his skin. Stiles was following a woman who turned out to be his mother at the height of her dementia. It was a repressed memory of when Stiles was 10-years old and his mother attacked him, due to her illness, and accused him of trying to kill her.

Then the episode catches up with the opening scene of the Dread Doctor attacking Scott and Malia trying to stop him. Meanwhile, on the roof, Theo finds the Kanima who is shredding the power in the hospital. He fights him and rips his throat out. Stiles sees this and Theo pleads with Stiles not to say anything and Stiles asks why he shouldn’t and Theo drops a bomb – because he didn’t say anything about Donovan, the guy Stiles fought with in the school who died when he fell on a metal pole.

The C-storyline involved Liam and the girl he used to know, Hayden. He is trying to make up for a stunt he pulled with her in sixth grade, offering to pay her the $200 he believes he owes her. He is also shocked to learn the medicine she takes is for a kidney transplant she had when she was younger.