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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: “Condition Terminal”

teen wolf condition terminal

This week’s episode has a puzzling opening, flashing back to Lydia working with Parrish to figure out what kind of supernatural being he is. He tells Lydia of his dreams about being on fire in the woods at a huge tree trunk.

In another slow burn episode, Teen Wolf dealt with the aftermath of the big fight scene in the police precinct. Scott, Stiles, and Kira arrive to find Lydia bleeding out, Tracy nearly reverting back to her old self minus her tail and still sporting scales, and Malia in mild shock after her run-in with the Dread Doctors. Deaton is there too and convinces Sheriff Stilinski to let him take Tracy, telling him he wasn’t ready to explain a girl with scales.

Lydia, of course, survives her ordeal but also has visions of the Dread Doctors as she is being prepared for surgery. She is also surprised to see Parrish sitting with her when she wakes and tells him she wants him to teach her to fight. Seems she is going on the offensive with all the things going on in Beacon Hills.

It’s during his examination that Deaton realizes these recent supernatural creatures, including Tracy, are not being born this way or bitten and turned — but they are being created. This theory is confirmed to the audience as the guy that has a grudge against Sheriff Stilinski was captured by the Dread Doctors and transformed. It was also revealed Theo has a hand in it, as he talks with the guy and basically tells him to direct his revenge on someone Sheriff Stilinski loves – meaning Stiles.

Malia tells Scott and company about her run-in with the Dread Doctors and they try to figure out who and what they are.

Meanwhile, Scott gets a call from his mom about a young male patient suffering from a serious reaction to a venom bite. She tells him it would be like he was bitten by a 10-foot tall scorpion. Scott takes some of his pain and he tells him a boy named Lucas did it to him.

Liam is at a club with his friend playing his wingman and feels something is off. He’s right, as Lucas is there and has a run-in with him. Scott arrives at the club, after finding out Lucas goes there most Friday nights, to find Liam and others in a fight with Lucas. Scott subdues him and stops Kira from killing Lucas, only to be surprised when Lucas is shot and killed. Scott looks up to the ledge of a building above him and gets his first look at the Dread Doctors.

Malia can’t let go of her encounter with the Dread Doctors. She goes back to Tracy’s house and is shocked to find a book entitled “Dread Doctors” with photos on the cover of the same weird Dread Doctors she saw in person.

Two shockers as the episode closes: Parrish breaks into the morgue and steals Lucas’ body, taking him to the stump he described to start the episode and burns the corpse. Stiles is attacked by the guy who was captured by the Dread Doctors, now with a weird mouth and teeth on his hand.

And as the season continues, the mystery continues to build layers.