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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: “Dreamcatchers”

teen wolf dreamcatchers

This week on Teen Wolf, the whole pack, including some friends, were in full force looking for Tracy, or so it seemed. Yeah, they were all working together to find Tracy but the gist of the episode was to end up at the final scene where we meet this season’s villains.

There wasn’t a lot of plot movement, or answers to the snippets of scenes that closed the season premiere, but looking for Tracy did lead to some big reveals.

As the boy that was arrested in an earlier episode threw barbs and threats at Sheriff Stilinski, he gets carted off with his lawyer. The van transporting him is attacked by none other than Tracy. This sends Scott and his gang out looking for her. Lydia is convinced that night terrors, coupled with her being a werewolf, are causing Tracy to kill. Lydia says she is still in the night terror.

After capturing her in the school, Scott, Stiles and Malia take Tracy to Dr. Deaton. This is where things get interesting. They discover Tracy is actually a Kanima (which goes back to season two when Jackson turned into one).

Tracy attacks the group, leaving all of them paralyzed.

As Lydia and Kira inspect Tracy’s room, they realize she is attacking all the people who tried to help her and one person she hasn’t gone after yet is Lydia’s mother. Lydia and Kira rush to the police station to find her mother who is on a date with Sheriff Stilinski.

Tracy shows up at the precinct and a fight ensues. Kira actually doesn’t get knocked out in a fight and manages to cut off Tracy’s Kanima tail. But not before Tracy spears Lydia with her tail – paralyzing and seriously injuring her.

Malia is the first one to overcome her paralysis and Scott tells her to save Tracy. Malia arrives at the police station and Sheriff Stilinski tells her to go after Tracy and Lydia’s mother – who have gone to the basement.

Malia fights with Tracy and subdues her – she isabout to kill her but Tracy transforms back to herself forcing Malia to back down. Thinking she has saved Tracy, Malia is shocked to see three masked figures arrive. “The Doctors” inject something into Tracy that kills her, while one of them holds down Malia.