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SDCC 2015: ‘The 100’

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If you’ve read my recaps/reviews and/or heard my podcast Tunnel Vision Television on this particular show, then you would know that my most anticipated panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con this year was The 100. So much so that I even dressed up like my favorite character, Raven Reyes, in preparation for the long wait in Ballroom 20 — and let me tell you, the panel did not disappoint.

(Especially the ending when Lindsey Morgan saw me dressed up and gave me her name card, also known as the moment I nearly died.)

Takeaways from The 100 at Comic-Con:

– This doesn’t have to do with the panel, but if you were lucky while picking up your badge, you might have received an awesome The 100 Comic-Con bag.

– After Clarke decides to leave at the end of season 2, there will be a time jump of 3 months when the show returns! Yes, 3 months. Despite my hope that Clarke’s break will have revitalized her, Eliza Taylor believes “she’s going to be losing it a little.”

– Even though Clarke’s been more of the leader in Season 2, during the time she’s been gone, Bellamy’s taken more of a leader role with the rest of the Sky People.

– Only 5 minutes into the panel and Isaiah Washington leads the rest of the cast in standing up and applauding all those who chose to camp out the entire night for this panel.

– Lindsey Morgan on Raven dealing with her disability: “I think it’s something about Raven that’s so integral to the character, for her to lose a certain strength to her, but to find an even greater strength into learning how to live and operate no matter what.”

– Ricky Whittle believes that Lincoln’s moral compass has never changed and he’ll continue to sacrifice for Octavia. It’s important to note that Whittle was wearing a hat that read: LINCTAVIA. He’s clearly a huge shipper.

– Whittle on the question whether their characters can ever be “good” again, in the classical sense: “There are no good or bad people. There’s only perspective. It depends on which side of the fence you fall. If you find yourself in a jungle fighting for your life, it’s your life. And you’re trying to protect your loved one over people you don’t know, how far would you go? This is your life. This is your loved one’s life. We’d all like to think we’d all do the right thing…but when you’re in that situation, I think we’d all probably find ourselves protecting the ones we love and that’s all everyone’s doing on this show.

– Clexa shippers rejoice because there is hope for reconciliation between Clarke and Lexa because Alycia Debnam-Carey is coming back to the show!

– If you’re a fan of the show and pretty heavy in the fandom online then you know to cringe when a fan asks the showrunner or the actors what they think about Bellarke, but luckily, the question was dealt with very well. Although Eliza thinks they’re a “good team,” there are definitely going to be some issues between them because she left him. Bob Morley thinks they’re a good team, but not in the romantic-sense. “Clarke gave Bellamy the confidence to make decisions and to trust them, and she’s taken that away and kind of left him alone. I think he doesn’t trust himself to be able to do that without her, so he needs her in that sense.” The big surprise came when Jason Rothenberg, the showrunner, said, “You never know.” See, there’s still hope!

– One of my favorite moments was when a fan came up to ask a question, but she immediately burst into tears. Ricky Whittle came to her rescue by jumping off the stage and hugging her until she relaxed a little more. If I were here, I’d probably be freaking out even more if he had his arms around me.

– If the cast could play another character on the show, they would play:

  • Lindsey Morgan – Jaha
  • Isaiah Washington – Murphy or Bellamy
  • Marie Avgeropoulos – Lexa
  • Bob Morley – Pauna, the gorilla

– To end the panel, Rothenberg says that the characters “will find some hope within each other. Fall in love or fall in like or fall into bed. These types of things will happen. The way that we try to find the bright spots in our own lives… The show is dark. It’s going to be dark. It’s not going to change, but those little pops of comedy whether it’s Monty and Jasper, little things like Lexa and Clarke’s relationship, Bellarke if that’s ever to happen… We’ll find our bright spots too.”