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First Trailer for Season 2 of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’

The sun has risen on the very first trailer for season 2 of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and it’s jam-packed with action, gore, and a fun little ditty on a “Yo Rap Mix” tape (that I feel like I need to get my hands on immediately).

Season Two [of From Dusk Till Dawn] explores a new chapter in this supernatural crime saga that expands the universe of our story across two borders from Mexico to the edgy, tricked-out Texas of Robert Rodriguez. It also deepens and complicates the core relationships between the characters, while adding new faces and dynamics.

Season Two begins with our characters in their separate worlds – Santánico (González) and Richie (Holtz) are outside Houston, living like Bonnie and Clyde; Seth and Kate (Davenport) are scraping by in the South of the Border; Freddie Gonzalez (Garcia) is protecting his wife and young daughter in a Houston suburb: and Carlos Madrigal (Valderrama) and Scott Fuller (Soo-Hoo) emerge from the Titty Twister, as changed men. They will all come together once again – this time facing off against an even bigger threat. [x]

I’ve talked before about From Dusk Till Dawn being one of my favorite shows of 2014 (the pulpiness, the unmitigated violence, Kate and Scott Fuller’s everything, the fact that it’s a series expanding upon one of my favorite formative influence B-movies of my childhood; what’s not to love?) and I’m beyond pumped for season 2 to air.

There’s a lot to dissect in this trailer, ranging from scenes with Queens of My Everything Santanico Pandemonium and Kate Fuller, glimpses of Danny Trejo and Esai Morales’s characters, confirmation that Carlos, Scott, and Freddie are alive and well (for now?) and probably all out for blood, and a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of the Gecko brothers reuniting to kick some ass. (Richie seems to be wearing his glasses in the clip, so it might be a flashback, but DON’T RAIN ON MY GECKO BROTHERS PARADE OKAY.)

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series will return to El Rey Network for a 10-episode long second season on August 25 at 9pm ET.