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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: “Parasomnia”

teen wolf parasomnia

It’s the first day of school in “Parasomnia,” the second episode of the two-night Teen Wolf premiere.

After the dark opener of season 5, the second episode was a lot lighter.

Stiles is trying to prove Scott’s returning friend Theo has a nefarious agenda, Lydia tries to help a classmate suffering from night terrors that come to life, and Malia tries to navigate driver’s education.

After laying out his findings, including what Stiles believes is a forged school transfer from Theo, Scott and friends don’t believe in Stiles’ thoughts. So, he enlists Liam into following Theo. Confronting him in the woods with what Stiles believes is forged documents, Theo tells Stiles he came back to not only join Scott’s pack but also came back for Stiles. He tells him he doesn’t want to be a lone wolf and is meant to be part of Scott’s pack.

Asking Parrish for help figuring out what is going on with her classmate, Lydia and Parrish go outside the girl’s house. Earlier in the day, Parrish inspected the girl’s skylight window finding scratches on the seal and dead crows.

Waiting in the car for something to happen, Parrish doesn’t see the student, Tracy, sneak out behind him. He and Lydia believe Tracy is safe and sound in her house.

But Tracy is not okay. She wakes up in a warehouse with some strange steam-punk looking men surrounding her. They inject her with a needle and it all comes back to her. She wasn’t having night terrors – it was her scraping the skylight and putting puncture holes into her locker. The men who injected her turned her into a werewolf.

As for Stiles’ continued belief something is up with Theo, he is right. The episode closes with him confronting a man and a woman, whom the audience assumes are his parents, berating his father for not duplicating his signature correctly. Theo levels out punishment for his folly.

So, the stage is set, after back-to-back episodes, for a pretty wild ride this season on Teen Wolf.