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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: “Creatures of the Night”

teen wolf creatures of the night

In a two-night event, Teen Wolf returned for its fifth season. The first episode opens with Lydia in Eichen House appearing to be in a catatonic state. She attempts to escape and even makes it outside the facility before being recaptured after believing she sees Aiden. She screams she has to leave because she has to warn her friends.

The episode ends with Lydia, revealing that her incarceration in Eichen House is in the present, with the remainder of the episode a flashback. It appears most of season five will be a flashback leading up to snippets that were seen through Lydia’s eyes.

As for the remainder of the episode, it all centers around Scott McCall and his gang (pack) preparing for senior year. Scott is waiting for the other shoe to drop as the last six months have been eerily quiet. And the shoe does drop when Parrish, from the Sheriff’s department, goes out on a disturbance call only to release some ooh gooey werewolf with one mindset – to find Scott.

Meanwhile, Stiles is worried Malia won’t pass summer school and enter senior year with them. He’s also worried that the friends he has now won’t be friends for life. It would seem, from the snippets into the upcoming season, there are greater concerns.

The released werewolf goes after Scott as he and Stiles try to meet up with their friends at the high school for a senior year event. After Scott goes and finds Kira, who is stuck in traffic with her parents due to a storm, they reach the high school.

There, Scott and Kira are attacked by the werewolf released by Parrish. The rogue werewolf claims he is a fan of Scott’s and attacks him. Kira again proves, though she has a sword, she is completely useless and weak and it makes one wonder how much longer viewers will have to put up with her. The writers killed off Allison and she actually made a contribution.

Scott proves his alpha status by besting the werewolf and is shocked to find help from an old friend – a guy he and Stiles grew up who wants to join Scott’s pack.

The senior gathering called “scribe” is writing initials of each student on a bookshelf in the library. In a nice moment, Scott not only puts his initials “SM” but also puts Allison’s “AA”. If only the audience could have more than just her initials on the show.

The episode closes with the strange werewolf begging for another chance to kill Scott to a strange duo who wear masks and long coats. It is evident they are the new “big bad” for the season.

As for Lydia in Eichen House, the final moments are dedicated to her as a man is trying to get her to tell him what happened to her friends – stating it all began senior year. He goes through all of them: Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Malia.

It would seem those answers will come as season five unfolds.