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‘iZombie’ Season 1 Finale Review: An Emotional Ending

izombie blaine's world

Season 1 of iZombie came to an abrupt and emotional end, but left many loose strings untied and ready for season 2 to tie them back up and probably unravel some more.

It’s no wonder this episode was called “Blaine’s World” as Liv finally got the chance to come to heads with her nemesis Blaine, who (I hate to say) I’ve been missing from recent episodes. David Anders just brings the perfect amount of charisma to the brain-thirsty entrepreneur that is zombie Blaine.

Despite horrifyingly turning his henchmen and innocent people into his zombies and despite murdering people and selling their brains to other zombies as a business, I couldn’t help but root for his survival. Sure, Blaine is terrifying and I wouldn’t put it past him to just murder Liv on the spot, but it was really smart of Liv to let him live (Liv, live, Liv, live… just keep saying that). If she had killed him, the only person who knows who every zombie is in Seattle, she would’ve had to start from scratch. Without Blaine and his constant supply of brains, there might just be a zombie outbreak.

I had loved Blaine’s storyline since the beginning, probably because of his dry sarcasm and wit, but I couldn’t say the same about Major. In fact, if you listened to the fourth episode of the Tunnel Vision Television podcast, I said I thought Major to be a boring character and didn’t see any sparks or chemistry between him and Liv.

On both counts, I stand corrected. And for that, I am so glad.

I thought Major’s arc throughout the season was a little slow to build, but the way it came to a head in this season finale completely made the wait worthwhile.

Major was transformed from the heartbroken nice guy at the beginning of the season to the vindictive hero taking out all the bad guys. Although, I must say, the murdering of the zombies was done in a very typical zombie movie fashion. The actual killing wasn’t shown, just a bunch of blood splattering on the walls. After taking out nearly all of them, he forgot the main man: Blaine.

When Blaine stabbed Major, I quite literally gasped out loud. I never thought I’d hold such a deep care and compassion over a character I could not care about at all at the start of the season. What hurt even more was the realization on his face that Liv had been lying to him the whole time. When he said he’d take down all the zombies, he didn’t know he meant her.

izombie finale

I know the zombie hunter/zombie romance storyline is somewhat overdone, but I can’t help but dig it. Or maybe it’s because of how Liv did what she could to save him.

Even though I really hated Liv’s actions this season, particularly toward Major and letting him sign himself into a mental ward, I thought it to be so valiant of her to give the last little bit of the antidote to Major. She’s fought for it all season and nearly took the antidote herself despite the risk of dying just so she could stop being a zombie. And yet, she gave it to the person who deserved it more. The person who truly could not live with himself if he did turn into a zombie. At least Liv is able to do something worthwhile and for the better good (solving crimes with Clive) by eating brains, but Major doesn’t. He’d be forced into a life that fate never dealt him, but one that Liv did.

In fact, everything else took a backburner for me when Major and Blaine’s storylines were in the forefront, including the Max Rager storyline. What I’m really interested in seeing in the next season is Clive delving even further into the zombie world. I just hope he doesn’t try to pin Major for the murders and the destruction of Meat Cute. Major’s had enough bad things happen to him.

If you thought you couldn’t take anymore pain from Major’s near-death experience or Liv giving up her chance for a cure, there comes an even worse fate for Liv’s brother who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s lost a lot of blood from the explosion that happened at Meat Cute and the only other person in the hospital with O Negative blood is Liv. Although it did come as a sudden shock that Liv would say “no” to possibly saving her brother’s life, it’s understood that she doesn’t want to turn anyone else into a zombie, especially when there’s no more of the cure left.

Please make sure to listen to our Tunnel Vision Television podcast on the entirety of iZombie Season 1 which should be out shortly. All in all, this season was able to take the well-worn zombie story and transform it into something special with a mix of unique, interesting characters and action-filled emotional storylines