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It’s Not You, It’s Me: When We Fall Out of Love with TV


You know what it is like when the passion is not quite what it was. It is when you get to that “It’s not you, it’s me” point in a relationship. At times like that there are only two ways you can go. You can either pull the plug and put it down to experience, or you can get a grip on your emotions and do something to rekindle your enthusiasm. When your favourite TV show starts to lose its lustre, the second approach is always the right one to take.

Putting the passion back

The tell-tale signs will have been there for a while. One is when you stop rushing home to catch a show live and are happy to catch it a day or two later. Another is when you can have a conversation that does not mention the programme characters. One more is when you even find yourself tempted by distractions, such as to play real money casino games while you watch your favourite show. That is when you will know that it is time to take stock. Now, do not get me wrong. None of these things on their own is a catastrophe. Casino games are unquestionably attractive, stimulating and enjoyable in their own right. The top 2015 Net Ent casino sites will keep you happily entertained for days at a time. But the point is that if you are prepared to water down your TV attention, it is a sign that maybe your TV love-life needs a boost.

Practical strategies to boost your staying power

  • Sometimes a trial separation can be the answer. If you give your ‘most watched’ slot a break for a week or two, it can be enough to rekindle your appetite. Having to catch up with a story can re-fire your interest. After all, you have a lot of history invested in those characters. We can never entirely break the spell. They will always be with us.
  • Recognising that relationships change over time and accepting those changes is a mature way to come to terms with the tailing-off of that early, insatiable enthusiasm. As long as the stories remain good, and the characters stay interesting, there is a cosy security to be had in spending time together. Not everything in life has to be turbo charged.
  • Learning more about the back story of your favourite programme is a great way to deepen your appreciation. Researching the actors, the writers and their various inspirations and motivations will give you a fuller, more resonant appreciation of what it was that first fired your enthusiasm.
  • Introducing your favourite show to a new audience can galvanise your own sense of attachment. Once you find yourself enthusing about a show you will find you have a renewed sense of pride and attachment. And other people may draw your attention to aspects of different characters that you might not have noticed the first time around.

Forgive and remember

Remember, it is incredibly rare for a programme to hold 100% of your enthusiasm for any length of time. If you start out with that level of expectation, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. So, forgive yourself for getting distracted from time to time and remember that good TV will stand the test of time. Remember, if you are getting bored, it’s not the programme, it’s you.