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‘The Mindy Project’ Cancelled But Not All Hope Is Lost

mindy project canceled

Yes, it’s true. That “sadliness” you’re feeling is coming from the horrible fact that The Mindy Project has been officially cancelled by FOX after 3 seasons.

If you’ve read my past recaps, then you know I had been distancing myself and my passion for the show this past season, particularly with the characterization of Danny — but the season finale completely blew me away. It brought back everything I originally loved about this show: the story of two seemingly incredibly different people trying to make their love work.

So now that my love for The Mindy Project‘s been rekindled, it hurts that much more to have it taken away so soon. I mean, what happened after Danny ran (not literally) all the way to India and told Mindy’s parents he was in love with her?! It can’t end there!

And, in fact, it might not end there.

Fans haven’t had much time to grieve because they’ve set their eyes on the show’s possible savior: Hulu.

The Mindy Project‘s owned by NBC Universal, not FOX, meaning that they could easily take the show and pitch it elsewhere (very much like how Community was picked up by Yahoo! Screen). It seems like there have already been talks between the two companies with offers of making more seasons that would help the show move past 100 episodes and into syndication.

Now, this deal hasn’t been set in stone just yet and Mindy Kaling has yet to comment, but it doesn’t hurt to hope, right?

P.S. Mindy Kaling has another book on the way!