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‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Interview: Kelley Wentworth

We got the opportunity to speak with Kelley Wentworth, one of the sixteen women vying for a spot on Survivor: Second Chance, the thirty-first season of Survivor and the third season to feature all returning players since All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains.

Fan voting will decide who goes back to Survivor for a second chance to compete for the million dollars, as well as the title of Sole Survivor. We talked to Kelley, who played with her dad on the second Blood vs. Water season, about why she wanted a second chance — and why you should consider giving her your vote!

1. What made you decide to go back for Survivor: Second Chance?

I decided to give Survivor a second shot because I have a lot of game left in me. When I left SJDS I felt like there was so much more that I wanted to do that I didn’t get a chance to. I also want the chance to play as an individual and make decisions and moves that benefit me, without a loved one in the back of my mind.

2. You had a fairly quiet edit on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. What are some things you want viewers to know about you that they didn’t get to see?

Yes, unfortunately I did have a quiet edit, which has caused viewers to assume I’m boring. That totally sucks. Despite how I was portrayed I want people to know that I’m not the quiet girl next door who’s gonna take orders and sit quietly in the background. You saw a small glimpse of my attitude when Drew was targeting me. I could not stand being on the beach with that guy and my constant bitch face(s), eye rolls, and sarcastic comments about him sleeping and bartering for fishing gear sums up my personality perfectly. If I can’t stand someone, you’re gonna know it.

3. We have contestants dating all the way back to Borneo and The Australian Outback in the mix for Second Chance. Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see on the island?

As a whole I think this is a solid group of people. I’m interested in all of the “old schoolers” simply because I would love to see how they adapt to “new school play.” The game has evolved so much over the past 15 years, it’s going to be crazy to see if they are able to move quickly enough to fit in with the new school players.

4. Why do you deserve a second chance to play Survivor (why should people vote for you) and how will your game be different this time around?

I don’t know if anyone deserves a second chance. We all want it and we all have something to prove or a story to tell, that’s why we were all chosen for this list. But why should people vote for me? Because playing on a BvW season is not true Survivor. I think that anyone (not just me) who played on a BvW season would be worthy of a second shot. When you are out there with blood your mindset is different, your gameplay HAS to be different, and a loved one causes you to make decisions you maybe wouldn’t make otherwise. This time around I’m in it for me, myself, and I. I want to play. I want to show the world I’m not this boring blonde chick who has no brain. I want to fight for that title and win.

Follow Kelley on Twitter and check out her campaign video below. Vote for the 10 female and 10 male castaways on the official CBS website.