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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 22 Recap: “Burn”

reign burn

In the second season finale of Reign, Mary (Adelaide Kane) finally let go of her schoolgirl crush and the idea that she can do whatever she wants and love whoever she wants. She finally understands the dire circumstances she, Francis and France itself is in with Conde running rampant outside the castle walls.

In the previous episode, Mary came to Conde seemingly professing her love to him and claiming she was carrying his child. In the opening of the season finale, it was revealed what most of the audience knew – it was all a ruse.

With the fortitude of a queen, who realizes her feelings mean nothing when ruling a kingdom, she did what she had to do. Mary, completely letting go of her innocence, stabbed Conde. Shocked, Conde fell to the ground and was told by Mary all she told him was a lie. She all but told him it came down to a choice – and she chose her husband, Francis.

Francis and Mary return to the castle after Francis attacks Conde’s dispersing army. Francis was shocked (and a bit relieved) when he found Mary in Conde’s tent holding a bloody knife, and Conde on the ground bleeding out. Conde returns to the castle and is placed in the dungeon. Catherine is enraged when Francis refuses to execute Conde, stating he is more valuable alive then dead.

As the inhabitants of the castle breathe a sigh of relief, the happiness is short-lived when a convoy returns with the bloody blanket of Francis’ son, John. Francis is informed John was killed and Lola is missing. Narcisse asks Francis for permission to find Lola – stating Francis may not trust him but he has to know he cares for Lola. Narcisse finds Lola and is shocked to realize John is alive as well.

Mary finds out Catherine set it all up, making it look like Conde ordered the baby’s death. She felt that this would rally troops and seal Conde’s fate. Catherine’s actions are the final straw for Francis. He’s done with her plotting and scheming, and banishes her from France.

Elsewhere, Kenna and Bash appear to reconcile. However, Sister Delphine (who believes she has special powers from God) tells Bash that she touched Kenna and believes Kenna is pregnant. Bash confronts Kenna and she reveals that she is pregnant, but the baby is Renaude’s. And Renaude was just executed for betraying the king. Bash says he is done with Kenna.

Kenna decides to leave France and go to Norway. There, she plans to have her baby and give it up for adoption. She does get a bit of good news when she meets a young man, who is returning home to be crowned king. Kenna sets her sights on him and plans to pursue him after she has her baby.

The final moments have two shocking reveals: a reconciliation and a possible burning at the stake.

Delphine is being burnt at the stake after those in the castle believe she is a witch. Bash awakes from a dream about her to see she is being burnt. In his dream, Delphine tells him they are linked body and soul. Bash is horrified to see her burning and then shocked when she escapes.

The reconciliation is Mary and Francis. They make love and Mary tells him she will love him for the rest of her life. Then we find outthat  Francis hasn’t recovered from his illness. Nostradamus is back and has been treating him. However, they both know the treatments aren’t working and he is dying.

Meanwhile, Catherine – wanting to take down Mary – has fled to England and offers her services to Queen Elizabeth.