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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 21 Recap: “The Siege”

reign the siege

This week on Reign, Conde and his army — backed by Queen Elizabeth I — prepare for battle with Francis as the castle’s inhabitants prepare for the siege.

Francis insists Mary flee the castle and also arranges for Lola and his bastard son to leave as well. When Mary’s carriage is waylaid by General Renaude on her journey away from the castle, she grows suspicious. Her suspicions prove to be correct as she realizes General Renaude is working for Conde.

General Renaude is captured and taken back to the castle with Mary who informs Francis of her findings. What they don’t know is that General Renaude is being forced to betray France and Francis because Queen Elizabeth is holding his son as ransom. Kenna is shocked to learn of Renaude’s betrayal as she has just told Bash that she has finally found a man she could get an annulment for. Renaude tells Kenna why he betrayed his King and then tells her about Conde’s plans. Kenna rushes to Mary to tell her.

Conde and his troops try to lay siege to the castle but Bash, Francis, and their small band of troops fight them off. However, later they are shocked to see the large contingency of troops surrounding the castle. Francis agrees to meet with Conde and is shocked when Conde urges Francis to surrender. Conde claims he is still in love with Mary and if Francis gives up the castle, he can save Mary.

Defeated, Francis tells Mary what Conde has said. He says he would have agreed to Conde’s terms if he believed Conde could follow through on his promises. In the end, Francis believes that all will be lost as his envoys that were sent to Spain pleading for assistance were killed by Conde’s men.

Mary sneaks out of the castle later that night and meets with Conde. She tells him she still loves him and will go with him if she spares Francis. Then she pleads for Conde’s help, claiming to be pregnant with his child.

Is Mary telling the truth or is she attempting to find a way to save Francis and the kingdom?


  • Meanwhile, Catherine is power hungry and growing mad. She cooks and feeds Narcisse the beloved horse he lost after she learns about him kissing Lola.