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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 21 Recap: “Mother”

once upon a time mother

In this week’s Once Upon A Time, Emma and Regina bring Lily, Zelena and Robin back to Storybrooke and there is more backstory on Regina as the Evil Queen. Also, the Author continues to be in play as he is working with Gold for his happy ending.

Gold is getting sicker as his heart grows darker — and Regina takes advantage. In his weakened state, Gold can’t stop Regina from taking the quill and the Author from him to secure her own happy ending and leaving Gold in the cold.

Lily’s arrival in Storybrooke means she is reunited with her mother Maleficent but the reunion isn’t as rosy as Maleficent had hoped. Lilly is bent on revenge while Maleficent just wants to re-connect with her daughter.

Regina realizes the Author can’t write a new story without ink and the only way to give the ink magic is using the blood of the savior who has gone dark. So, Regina realizes what she must do. Lily has the dark side of the savior, with her getting Emma’s darkness; she slices Lily’s hand and retrieves some of her blood. Regina’s actions anger Lily and it triggers her inner dragon – literally.

Wreaking havoc on Storybrooke in her dragon form, Maleficent, Mary Margaret and David track down the dragon version of Lily. During their efforts to calm the raging dragon, Mary Margaret is injured. After having a heart-to-heart with Hook about her parents, Emma kind of forgives them and heals Mary Margaret when she shows up to the scene.

There, Maleficent finally gets to talk to her daughter at length and Lily agrees to stay in Storybrooke for a week to get to know her mother.

In the Regina flashback, her mother returns and tries to give her someone to love. Regina at first believes the man with the lion tattoo has been brought to her by her mother. Remember, Tinkerbell said Regina’s soul mate wore the mark of a lion on his arm. Regina’s mother couldn’t find the man — it was Robin of course — so she sent one saying it was him.

Enraged, Regina believes her mother just wants her to have a child so she raise the child herself. Hurt and believing there is no one for her to love, Regina takes a potion that renders her infertile.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina at first goes to Zelena and tells her she is going to have the Author erase Zelena from existence and the child she carries as well. However, she thinks better of it and tells the Author she doesn’t want him to write her a happy ending. Regina realizes she can make her own happy ending.

The Author will have none of that. He writes himself back to Gold who produces a book for him entitled “Heroes and Villains.” It seems the author and Gold are about to turn everything we know about fairy tales and happy endings on its head.