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‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Season 2 Episode 22 Recap: “The Chopper”

brooklyn nine nine chopper

All of Jake’s extravagant cop dreams come true in “The Chopper,” but Captain Holt is suspicious of why Madeline Wuntch (guest star Kyra Sedgwick) is allowing the Nine-Nine to take on such a huge case.

And, as it turns out, he’s right to be suspicious.

Wuntch doesn’t, as Holt suspects she will, take the case (which revolves around a stolen $21 million dollars) out of their hands and into Major Crimes’. So he spends most of the episode tailing Jake, convinced that Wuntch is trying to make them screw up, so she can pull one over Holt yet again.

And in a way, she is. It’s not until Holt finally gives in, going along with Jake’s incredible excitement for the case (he makes up his own code name! Velvet Thunder!) and they catch the bad guy, that Holt realizes what Wuntch was really up to.

She didn’t want Holt and his Detectives to fail; in fact, just the opposite. After two helicopter rides, a barnyard bust, and a press conference (featuring, of course, the $21 million dollars in cash — did the props department use monopoly money? I feel like that would have been a fun assignment), this case is an impressive win for the Nine-Nine. So impressive that Wuntch has an excuse to promote Holt away, out of his dream job and into a desk job, working for NYPD’s PR department again.

It’s a masterful plan that Wuntch pulls off, turning Holt’s own misgivings against him. He tried so hard not to fail on this case, when only failure could have saved him from Wuntch’s grand plans. She sets up a self-fulfilling prophecy, and Holt falls for it. Hard.

So, while Jake and Charles pose for the cameras, Holt has his dream — of good police work and a successful police precinct with his own staff — pulled away from him.

Whether or not he really is forced to leave (either way, it’ll be a worthy plot just to see Amy’s distraught face at the news) will be explored in the season finale next week.

You’ve done it again, Wuntch. Please never stop foiling Captain Holt.


  • In the other plot of the week, Terry organizes a trip to the precinct for kids at a magnet school (something that I know as much about as Scully does) that he wants Cagney and Lacy to get into. Gina sorts out the girls’ love lives, while Amy and Rosa make all the kids like them with some good old-fashioned bloodied body pictures. Terry’s not impressed, but the school administrator can’t help but be when she sees how much her kids learned at the Nine- Nine. Even if some of it was pretty gross.
  • Terrance Jeffords! Someone changed their relationship status to “It’s Complicated — all to get Gina to look up from her phone. Pony up, y’all!
  • Apparently it’s harder to get twins into prep school: “Why don’t you just get one of them in, then let them take turns going to school every other day?” “Rosa, that’s crazy! …I asked my wife and she said no.”
  • “Rosa, I should have listened to you.” “Yeah. Everybody should listen to me about everything, all the time.”
  • And although Wuntch got one over Holt this episode, he got his back. With many, many sick burns: “You don’t dance with the devil because you get burned. Also, in Madeleine’s case, she has no rhythm and her hands are like little rat claws.”