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‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Goes On Without David Lynch

Twin Peaks fans everywhere are in an uproar after it was announced today by David Lynch himself and Showtime representatives that although the revival has not been cancelled, he will not be back to direct the 9 episodes set to air in 2016.

There had been rumors swirling that there were “complications” concerning the contracts with Showtime, but it didn’t become a reality until today. Fans started to get the hint that something was wrong when this morning, Kimmy Robertson, who played Lucy, took to her Facebook to express her sentiments:

Dear Showtime….I hope you’re happy.

P.S. you really really suck.

If this is the way she and most of the fans are reacting, I wonder how Showtime will take the backlash. Some fans have already started a petition to get Lynch back. Not to mention, will the other actors want to continue without Lynch at all? They have yet to comment on the news.

As of now, the scripts Lynch and fellow co-creator, Mark Frost, wrote together will still be used, but without Lynch’s direction.

What’s Twin Peaks without David Lynch? Is it even worth it?