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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: “Fugitive”

reign fugitive

Dalliances, alliances, new love and betrayal abound in this week’s episode of Reign. Basically, a typical day in French Court.

Mary continues to act like a petulant child and not like the Queen of France, as she frantically searches for a way to get Conde out of France since Francis has a price on his head. Mary even travels to see Greer in her brothel – yeah that would go over well, the Queen of France in a house of ill-repute visiting the wife of a known Protestant supporter deemed a traitor…

With information from Greer, Mary arranges for official papers for Conde to sneak him out of France. Conde tries to sneak away, pretending to be a tanner taking his hides to the tannery, but he is captured. One Francis’ soldiers realizes Conde doesn’t have the stain on his hands that a tanner would possess.

Francis tells his mother Catherine that he needs to tell Mary about Conde being captured but when he checks on her she already knows. Conde is rescued by Queen Elizabeth’s men. What is the price of his rescue? Elizabeth still wants to marry Conde, but not as a prince. Elizabeth wants to back Conde, asking him to form a coup to take the throne of France from Francis.

With Conde finally escaping, Francis snaps. He sees the big picture of losing Conde and how that impacts his alliance with Elizabeth. He calls Mary out for what the audience has been seeing for weeks – she is acting like a silly schoolgirl following her heart wherever she wants. But that is not a luxury she should afford herself – she is the Queen of France and the welfare of her people far outweigh the affairs of the heart.

Mary’s eyes finally open. She does go on a boring diatribe to Bash about how her love is poison and she wallows in her self-pity. Afterward, she goes to Francis, asking for his forgiveness. Instead of offering forgiveness or consolation, Francis tells her what she has unleashed – a rival for the crown of France at a time when the political atmosphere is so volatile.


  • Elsewhere, Leith tries his best to get the money for Greer’s annulment. He even steals an item from the palace and is caught by Claude. She blackmails him into taking her to see her latest boy toy. In the end, it was all for not. After Leith tells her that he can buy her freedom, Greer peppers him with questions about how they will live. Leith assumes she will give up her brothel. When Leith realizes Greer values the security of the brothel to him, he leaves her heartbroken.
  • As for Kenna, she is tired of dancing around the soldier she has been flirting with. In the end she offers herself up to him both body and marriage.
  • Catherine tests Narcisse’s loyalty. She forces him to spread rumors about Lola to prove he is committed to Catherine.