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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 19 Recap: “Abandoned”

reign abandoned

Mystery, secrets and intrigue were afoot in this week’s episode of Reign. Also, the episode proved once again that Mary is a foolish girl who continues to forget she is a queen who has responsibilities that far outweigh her romantic whims.

It was nice to see Greer and Lola basically call Mary out for her supposed “love” for Conde, telling her she may be mistaking gratitude for love. Whatever her fickle heart believes, it continually amazes me that she fought all last season for Francis’ love and to marry him and she brushes it off all because of her rape and PTSD.

Catherine has had enough of Conde and she and Narcisse join forces to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, raiders have killed a bunch of priests and hold wards of the church hostage. Bash tries to save the boys but his plan fails. In his debriefing with Francis, he tells him three of the men killed, that are believe to be part of the raid, wore Conde’s seal. Of course, the men were plants by Narcisse to implicate Conde.

When Mary hears of this, she pleads with Francis that Conde could never have done this. After this, she realizes she can’t continue to see Conde and breaks it off with him. All the while attempting to clear him of the black spot on his name.

Conde, feeling things closing in on him, agrees to marry Queen Elizabeth of England. In a proxy ceremony, in which a loyal young girl stands in for Elizabeth, Conde “marries” Elizabeth. The marriage is short-lived as the home the young proxy girl is staying in, along with the document of the proxy marriage, are destroyed.

When the news finds Conde, he realizes he is now open to be charged with treason if anyone finds out.

Of course, people will find out as it is eluded to by Catherine that she was the one that arranged the fire as she was informed by witnesses of what Conde was up to. Francis informs Mary of Conde’s proxy marriage and all she can do is whine that she forced him into it. It is a shake your head moment.

Elsewhere, Kenna and Lola find out Greer is a madam when they visit her lavish new home. The two women take the news pretty well as Kenna suggests they are all in the profession one way or another.