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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: “Lily”

once upon a time lily

On this episode of Once Upon A Time, more about Emma’s past with Lily was explored in flashbacks as Emma and Regina traveled out of Storybrooke to find her.

In the flashback, Emma is living a good life with a foster family when Lily shows up. She has made a wealth of bad decisions that in the end turn out badly for Emma. When Emma’s foster family finds out the real reason behind how Emma and Lily met (and that Lily is wanted for robbery), they kick out Emma.

It was the catalyst that separated the young girls, even though their lives are fated to be entwined.

When Emma finds the adult Lily, she steals Emma’s car and heads to Storybrooke. Emma and Regina are shocked to find out Lily knows about Storybrooke and has been plotting her revenge on Snow White and Prince Charming. Lily knows what Emma’s parents did before she was born to ensure Emma would be a hero.

When Emma and Regina catch up with Lily, Emma pulls a gun on Lily, intent on killing her. Regina talks Emma down, telling her this is exactly what Gold wants. Emma finally puts the gun down and vows to bring Lily back to her mother, Maleficent.

In the “B” story, Gold enlists Will’s help to get Belle’s heart back. While Gold distracts Maleficent, who is guarding the heart with the help of a spell, Will sneaks in and steals the heart back. Will returns it to Belle as Gold shows up, saying he is sorry for all he has done to her but wanted to return her heart and have Will guard it.

The episode ends with Regina, Emma and Lily going to New York to rescue Robin from Zelena. Even after Regina forces Zelena to reveal who she is — and not Marion — Robin refuses to leave with Regina. Shocked, Regina asks why. Everyone is floored when Robin reveals that Zelena is pregnant with his child.