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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: “Heart of Gold”

once upon a time heart of gold

Once Upon A Time had a major game changing moment in this week’s episode. What seemed like a typical back-story, this time focusing on Robin Hood, turned into a shocking revelation midway through the episode.

The episode reveals what happened to Robin, Marian and Roland after leaving Storybrooke. They arrive in New York intending to stay in Neal’s old apartment. They are shocked when Gold shows up as well and he and Robin argue over who will stay in the apartment. During the argument, Gold collapses and is rushed to the hospital. His heart is failing and the only thing that can save him is the Elixir of the Broken Heart. The same substance Gold asked Robin to steal long ago, from the Wicked Witch in the Emerald City, all those years ago.

Robin agrees because he says he is an honest man and can’t deny someone who is in need – even Gold who is dying. Some of the elixir is in a shop that was owned by the Wizard who was sent to New York to keep an eye on Emma – the storyline in the second half of last season.

In the later flashback, of Robin stealing the elixir, he is sent to Emerald City by Gold a.k.a. Rumplestliskin with the promise he will be available to save his failing tavern. This is where Robin first meets Will Scarlet and promises to give him some of the elixir when he steals it.

Robin manages to steal some of the elixir from Zelena but lies to Will saying he didn’t get it. Will steals it from him as Robin heads back home.

Back in New York, Robin gives the elixir to Gold and Gold promises to give him the apartment.

Gold is shocked when the elixir doesn’t work but is even more shocked when Marian shows up and tells him it isn’t the real elixir. But the biggest shock is that it wasn’t Marian at all – it was Zelena.

Zelena’s essence traveled through the portal with Emma when she and Hook when went back in time. While back there she killed Marian and took her likeness. Zelena’s plan is to seek revenge on Regina and Gold. All the while continuing her ruse of being Marian and staying with Robin.

The episode closes with Zelena calling Regina and telling her she has been the one pretending to be Marian. Point Zelena. (The only flaw in this switch of Zelena being Marian is when Elsa was in Storybrooke and had her heart frozen why didn’t Zelena use her magic to save herself?)